Ramadan in Nigeria: Muslims hack to death two Christians returning from church service, from JihadWatch.org by Robert Spencer

“Kill them wherever you find them,” says the Qur’an (2:191, 4:89, 9:5), and what better time than during Ramadan, the month in which Muslims try all the harder to obey Allah?

“Two Christians Ambushed, Killed in Central Nigeria,” Morning Star News, June 14, 2018:

JOS, Nigeria (Morning Star News) – Muslim Fulani herdsmen on Sunday (June 10) killed two Christians and seriously wounded another in central Nigeria as they made their way home from a church service, local sources said.

Ibrahim Weyi, 45, and Larry More, 53, were said to be hacked to death when herdsmen ambushed them at 7:40 p.m. as the Christians were going home on a motorcycle from an evening worship service in Plateau state’s Kwall village, in the Bassa area, Patience Moses told Morning Star News.

A third Christian, 23-year-old Samuel Weyi, was wounded in the attack, the local resident said. All three belong to the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) in Kwall, another resident, Lawerence Zango, told Morning Star News. Weyi is receiving treatment at an Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in Jos, he said.

“Fulani herdsmen have continued to kill innocent Christians in our villages, yet the Nigerian government has not taken proactive measures to end the onslaught,” Zango said.

A spokesman for the Plateau State Command, Mathias Tyopev, confirmed the attack and told Morning Star News that an investigation is underway.

Herdsmen attacks on Christian communities in the Bassa area intensified late last year and have continued in spite of the presence of military personnel, sources said. Since February, 11 Christians have lost their lives in the area at the hands of Muslim Fulani herdsmen, including the two killed on Sunday, said the Rev. Sunday Zibeh, pastor of the ECWA church in Nzharuvo, Miango.

“In these cases, the victims were either ambushed and killed by the herdsmen or attacked in their homes at night,” Pastor Zibeh told Morning Star News. “The sad reality is that the Nigerian government headed by President Muhammadu Buhari, himself a Muslim and a Fulani man, has not acted in any way to end these attacks.”

He gave the names of those killed as Adam Sunday, 38; Jatau Akus, 39; Chohu Awarhai and Marcus Mali, 22, all of Jebbu-Miango village. They were ambushed and killed by the herdsmen on April 18.

“The four victims were construction workers working on site when they were attacked,” he said.

In March two other Christians, 17-year-old Lumumbah Chayi and Joseph Alli, 23, were killed in Jebbu-Miango and Rotsu villages, he said.

“Joseph was attacked and beheaded at about 9:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 15 in Rotsu village, while Chayi, a high school student, was murdered on Monday, March 12, at about 7 p.m. by the Fulani herdsmen in Kwall village,” he said….

  1. boakai ngombu says

    i’ve been to the area.

    May the Savior and Lord, Jesus, grant patience and strength to the faithful there and enable them to continue living in His Righteous ways, despite the wickedness of fellow humans..

    • mortimer says

      May Dope Frank go to Northern Nigeria and live there for a year or two until his brain starts working.

      Islam is not the friend of Christians.

      • boakai ngombu says

        this is true, mort.

        islam is anti Christ. the koran attempts to make the Anointed One (even called the Seal of Holiness by the adherents) less than He IS.

        islam is anti FAITH. the koran, sira, hadiths seek to destroy an individual’s God-given conscience, ruin the reasoning ability, and thwart the will from seeking RIGHTEOUSNESS. it also limits what may be known.

        islam is anti church. it supplants congregation and KOINONIA with the miserable brotherhood of the mosque. the umma want to see minarets instead of steeples, so askew are they; they know not ABSOLUTION.

        papa Frank might have street creed, but; he has lost focus on what brings LIFE to otherwise dead humans. in other words … he’s not a vicar for TRIUNE GOD.

        • Estee Tabernac says

          They were evangelicals so they are not real Christians and don’t count. It’s the same as killing cult members or fundamentalists. They probably spoke in tongues and did all sorts of crazy things. It’s OK to get rid of them. They don’t belong in Africa.

        • somehistory says


          Have you not read that God and His Son are the Judges?

          Here’s hoping you are not claiming to be a Christian. You so obviously don’t have a clue what being Christian means.

          Try reading the commands and teachings of Christ while there is yet time for you to do so.

          And stop writing such evil things for others to read.

        • gravenimage says

          The vicious “Estee Tabernac” has said before that she is fine with Muslims slaughtering Christians because they were probably “no real Christians”. *Just sickening*.

          Also false, of course. Muslims slaughter Christians everywhere.

      • boakai ngombu says

        graven, i think you know this and are encouraged by these words of Apostle Paul: “We know that God works all things out for good for those who love God, who are called according to His plan…” (Romans 8:28/Beck). Thank you for your work.

        • somehistory says

          Jesus said all those who “endure to the end will be saved.” He has the power to resurrect those who “endure to the end” of their lives, staying faithful to Him and His heavenly Father. Their deaths are not in vain.

          these ones can help to build the courage and faith of those who still must “endure to the end” of their lives, or the “end of the system of things.” That “end” is in sight.

  2. Niemoller says

    Violence against non-Muslims is not really a crime in the Islamic world. It’s at best a misdemeanor; de facto, it’s considered a sport. When Islamists and jihadists (any Muslims who believes in Islamic coercion or violence, respectively) accuse non-Muslims of insulting Islam, they are putting a pretext out for terrorizing and murdering non-Muslims. Then they go a-hunting. It’s the nature of unreformed Islam (I’m being nice to assume there is a reformed version, based on little evidence).

  3. Joe@joemail.com says

    What’s up with those savage countries?
    They’re seemingly a pack of animals.
    Stop bringing them to civilization.

  4. No Muzzies Here says

    Ramadan is over. Participants drank in their religion during their month of prayer and fasting. After 30 days of getting closer to their faith, they ended their fast by murdering Christians.
    Is it something they learned in their religion?

  5. Ibrahim itace muhammed says

    Did these dirty ugly mithraist christians forget so soon what they did to Fulanis during jona jang where they carried out mass killings of Fulani herdmen, burning their houses, raping their beautiful ladies with hard foreskins and taking away their cows? They know fulanis never forgive, they have to take revenge no matter how long it takes.

    • MFritz says

      You are NOT a Nigerian, you are NOT a muslim, you are NOT Ibrahim Itace Muhammed. You are a LIAR and a CRIMINAL.

    • WPM says

      Their is no evidence men returning from a Christian service or from work on a construction site had anything to do with raping or murdering anyone. Where in the article does it say the men were in procession of stolen cattle, or were accused of murder and rape? The “fulanis” never forgive, they must take revenge on any non- believes they come across even ones with no connection to the crime against them.

    • gravenimage says

      More projection from Ibrahim itace muhammed–he sees a story about Muslims murdering Christians, and pretends that this is, somehow, violence against Muslims.

      It is even more grotesque than his incessant claim that men’s foreskins are “hard”.

    • gravenimage says

      Also, Ibrahim itace muhammed’s claim that going to church is robbery, rape, and muass murder is grotesque, and shows just how twisted Muslims are.

    • boakai ngombu says

      ” … fulanis never forgive, they have to take revenge no matter how long it takes….”

      itace, dead in soul you remain and may never be changed by the One who enables one to forgive another. and you will always seek vengeance, also, unless Jesus – WHO LIVES – finds you.

      i realize that you would have to reject the urgings of the allah god of islam (unknowable; the best of all deceivers), but that would be beneficial. it would be most beneficial for you if Father, Son and Holy Spirit were in you life. you would learn that the LORD is the One who brings vengeance.

      had your work of the fast been fine enough to assure that the allah god has noticed you?

  6. Ibrahim itace muhammed says

    wpm, Fulanis never kill those who do not kill their people. They have a special surveillance of idenfying those who killed their people. The church goers must be among those who carried out mass killings of Fulani herdmen in the area.

    • Elisha says

      Yeah, just like the countless millions of innocent people, slaughtered by worshipers of the utterly filthy child rapist muhammad, who did nothing more offensive than breathe the air God put in their lungs. Moron.

    • gravenimage says

      What a load of tripe from Ibrahim itace muhammed.

      Is he claiming that all of these victims–including the two priests–raped and murdered Muslims?

      “Nigeria: 39 dead in latest Fulani attack as churches plan nationwide protest”


      At least two of the victims were priests. Further, these Jihadists burned down 60 houses and sacked the entire community. Is Ibrahim itace muhammed now claiming that everyone in the community–including wommurden and children–raped and murdered Muslims?

      Moreover, Fulani Muslims themselves are not claiming that these are reprisal murders.

      This whole thing is ludicrous to begin with–Ibrahim itace muhammed *himself* has affirmed that Muslims have the right to murder any Infidels who do not submit to Islam.

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Comparing how Jesus and Mohammed treat the blind

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The final showdown of Islamicize Me with the Kafir King, alias Robert Spencer vs our Halal Heroes feat. David Wood & Co.

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Jizya: Protection and Humiliation

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Mohammed’s Biography is 200 years too late! Al Fadi & Jay Smith

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Islamic Slavery – The Big Lie, a video from Pfander Films by Dr. Jay Smith

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Teenage girl stabbed to death in broad daylight in west German park

Teenage girl stabbed to death in broad daylight in west German park
The scene of the murder in Viersen. Photo: DPA
A teenage boy has been arrested after a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death in a park in the town of Viersen, North Rhine-Westphalia on Monday. It was just the latest murder of an adolescent girl that has made national headlines.

A 17-year-old boy handed himself into police on Tuesday afternoon, as authorities searched for the killer of the teenage girl. The boy arrived at a police station in the presence of a lawyer and was immediately arrested.

According to Spiegel, the suspect and the victim knew one another. Several media outlets are reporting that the suspect is the girl’s ex-boyfriend. Police have not confirmed either of the adolescents’ identities.

Earlier in the day, police in Viersen released a 25-year-old man who had been held overnight in connection with the crime. The man was detained after fleeing from a police control. But he fled due to a drug-related misdemeanour, police said.

On Monday shortly after midday a 15-year-old Romanian girl was stabbed in a park in the town of 75,000 inhabitants. Bild reports that she was called Iulia R. and that she lived with her parents on the outskirts of town.

According to eyewitnesses, she collapsed as blood streamed from the wounds. A homeless man has told local media that he attempted to save her by holding her wounds together.

Emergency services arrived at the scene shortly after and rushed the teenager to hospital, but she died of her injuries shortly after.

Police then started a search in the town for the killer, whom witnesses described as being around 1.70 metres tall and “of southern appearance.” But police later said that these witness descriptions were unreliable and had led their investigations in the wrong direction. Reportedly, the people who had given statements to the police were under the influence of alcohol and had not actually seen the incident.

This is the second time within a matter of days that the body of a murdered teenage girl has been discovered in Germany.

Last week, 14-year-old Susanna F.’s body was discovered near Wiesbaden in Hesse. Police suspect that she was raped and then murdered. A young Iraqi man has admitted to the murder but denied sexual assault.

Meanwhile, several teenage girls have been the victims of knife crime over the past six months.

In December last year a 15-year-old girl was stabbed to death in a drug store in the southwest of the country. Then in March, two teenage girls, one in Flensburg and one in Berlin, were stabbed to death.

Several of the crimes appear to have been motivated by jealousy on the part of the attacker.

The fact that several of the the suspected murderers have been asylum seekers has also led to a highly contentious debate on issues such as Angela Merkel’s refugee policies and the religious and cultural backgrounds of the attackers.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) charge that Merkel made a momentous mistake by allowing hundreds of thousands of unregistered migrants to enter the country in late 2015. In the wake of the murder of Susanna F. they have called for Merkel and her entire cabinet to resign.

But critics charge the AfD with racism for statements which appear to portray all refugees who fled to Germany as dangers to society.

Their co-parliamentary leader Alice Weidel recently faced harsh criticism for disparaging remarks about girls who wear headscarves.

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Islamicize Me keeps on rolling in Ramadan

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Just a reminder to the pagan stone circlers amongst us

Deuteronomy 16:22 and do not erect a sacred stone, for these the

and do not erect a sacred stone, for these the LORD your God hates. ….
//biblehub.com/deuteronomy/16-22.htm – 17k

Leviticus 26:1 “‘Do not make idols or set up an image or a sacred

I am the Lord your God: you shall not make to yourselves any idol or graven thing,
neither shall you erect pillars, nor set up a remarkable stone in your land
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According to a german “Christian” Democrat Politician it is better to be raped and killed by a Muslim and die for the greatest cause of multiculturalism because you have to die anyway

Germany: Politician from Merkel’s party says girl murdered by Muslim migrant “would have been hit by a car”

Apparently there is no depth to which the political elites will not sink in order to defend their disastrous policies regarding mass Muslim migration.

“CDA politician: Susanna could have died differently,” translated from “CDA Politikerin: Susanna hätte auch anders sterben können,” MM News, June 10, 2018 (thanks to Searchlight Germany):

A post from NRW Christian Democrat Venny Lang is stirring people up. On Facebook, she said: “If Susanna had not been murdered by the Iraqi, she might have been ‘run over by a car or someone else would have killed her.’”

The Christian Democratic Workers’ Union (CDA) is an association of the CDU and describes itself as the social wing of the CDU. NRW board member Venny Lang commented on the circumstances surrounding the murder of Susanna and sees no connection to refugee policy.

The lawyer believes that Susanna would have died anyway and wrote: “Maybe she would have been hit by a car or someone else would have killed her.”

After a shitstorm her profile was deleted. Here’s the screenshot:


  1. boakai ngombu says

    venny lang is one insensitive human being. “Christian” in NRW Christian Dem should be striked

    • Jay Boo says

      The elitists and their ilk live in a cocoon.
      They spend their lives flaunting false virtue always with one eye on appeasement and the other admiring themselves in the mirror.

      • Angus66 says

        ” They spend their lives flaunting false virtue always with one eye on appeasement and the other admiring themselves in the mirror.”

        That’s an incredibly accurate & succinct description of the regressive elite – thanks for sharing!

      • gravenimage says

        It sure seems like it. I cannot image any politician saying this about any crime victim until now.

      • gravenimage says

        What crap from TL. Jack just meant this thug was not acting in a Christian manner with his vicious assertion about the victim–not that Christian values do not exist, nor that they are never practiced.

        As for democracy, the appalling TL has said outright that he admires Fascism–quite literally–and wants to see democracy and freedom destroyed.

  2. Jay Boo says

    Fake News is #2
    The real danger is not so much from Merkel’s ‘CLING-ONs’ because she can wipe them away and add new ones while the fake news media claims there is no stink.

  3. Gjallarhornet says

    This is very serious. In effect – it is white washing of murder.

    By a politician.

    These people HAVE to be voted out. Instead of giving up, people should get their heads together- as well as get together – and vote the blind, the corrupt and the cowards out of office.

  4. Ashley says

    The lawyer believes that Susanna would have died anyway and wrote: “Maybe she would have been hit by a car or someone else would have killed her.”

    Who the hell states something like that?


    • Diane says

      I’m in the USA. This politician’s comment, reminds me of a #911 (Emergency( Phone Call, some years ago. A Retail Clothing Store had been robbed, and the attackers stabbed the Manager (young female , around 22, I think). A co-worker frantically called #911 for help; the Dispatcher/Police didn’t arrive for some time (because they got the address wrong)…..so the staff member calls #911 AGAIN(!);. this time, even MORE FRANTIC, because she can clearly see her Manager is BLEEDING TO DEATH, from the knife would to the neck. I heard the tape of the call. The girl is clearly hysterical with fear, saying, “Please, please send someone! She’s dying!!”….. and the #911 Operator says to her, “Calm down. WE ALL GOTTA GO, SOMETIME”. I will never forget that one sentence…from nearly 20 years ago, I think. The girl died. That phone operator’s comment, reminds me of the comment from the German politician. Thankfully, the #911 Operator was fired.

      • somehistory says

        Even if ‘we all have to go sometime,’ it’s a crime to help someone go sooner than they might otherwise.

        Being fired is a step, but there should be recourse when those with the power to help do their worst not to. There have been numerous reports of operators like that one not caring enough about the life of another. And the worst that happens is, they get fired.

        The awful woman in this story will likely keep her position and not change a thing about herself.

      • andra says

        In Germany there was a case of rape in Bonn. The rapist said he would kill the woman if her boyfriend interfered. Nonetheless the man called the police but they did not believe him.

        The rapist will not be send back to Africa because there he killed someone and could get a death sentence. On top he has just appealed his sentence.

  5. Voytek Gagalka says

    Frau Merkel’s government new policy: because each and every one of you will be dead anyway (sooner or later) you must be SACRIFICED, and NOW, on the altar of altruism (everything for OTHERS, the “others” being now your new masters – Mohammedans).

  6. Uriah Sheep says

    A similar attitude to what Lily Allen said about victims of Islamic grooming gangs in the UK that they’d only be raped by somebody else.
    Islam is our future. Our leaders are making that very clear. By hook or by crook.

  7. Westman says

    How disgusting to blow off an intentional murder as if it was an accidental statistical consequence of living. Statistics and liberalism have at least one thing in common: They are both useful for supporting ideology without looking into its actual effects upon the life of the individual.

    Merkel’s party seems to be as clueless as herself. She walks Power Drunk into the G-7 summit and finds herself “sobered” by POTUS Trump.

    How will Germany pay for the immigration debacle without the free lunch from NATO and trade? Last year, Germany’s economic growth was only 2%.

  8. nicu says

    I remember 15 – year old Giuseppe Marcone who escaped from a Muslim gang who wanted to rob him – he was hit by a bus and died . The judge said : If he had not escaped he still would be alive ! !!!

    This is what is going on here !

    Today another young woman was killed in park …

    • andra says

      This young woman in Viersen was only 15 years old – again. She has been sitting on a bench in the park and was stabbed by a Turk. And a 25 year old woman was raped in Freiburg and… and… and…

      There is no day these days without an invador attacking autochtones. War in Germany is rising.
      Since 2015 there have been 40.000 major criminal offences from non-Germans against Germans.
      And if you state that it is insane to let in so many criminals you are racist. But – and that is some glimpse of hope – more and more Germans do not care any longer to be called racist, nazi, islamophobe or whatever.

  9. somehistory says

    The audacity of the slime creature…calling herself a Christian. A True Christian values life as sacred.

    The girl might have been ‘run over by a car’….sure. moslims are using cars all over to kill innocent people.

    Or, another moslim could have killed her just as the one who actually did, in the same way. moslims running rampant and murdering innocent people is an increasing problem. The idiot is saying that is okay with her. She puts no value on the life of the young woman murdered by the moslim.

    What value does she place on her own life? The Bible says that the mercy one shows for others is the mercy he or she will be shown by God. She has demonstrated that she has no mercy to show.

  10. Mirren10 says

    ”A post from NRW Christian Democrat Venny Lang is stirring people up. On Facebook, she said: “If Susanna had not been murdered by the Iraqi, she might have been ‘run over by a car or someone else would have killed her.’”

    Dear God. Unbelievable.

    ”If Venny Lang had not been murdered by the Iraqi, she might have been run over by a car or someone else would have killed her.”

    I really, really hope that evil bitch gets exactly what she deserves.

  11. dan christensen says

    So – Venny Langs frozen feeelings about a girl murdered by a muslim boy should be returned.

    Yesterday a rescue ship had picked up more than 600 africans from the Mediterranean sea. Nobody wanted them, but eventually the Spanish caved in to the ‘humanistic’ pressure and accepted them in the port of Valencia.
    Why didn’t the rescue ship just deliver these migrants in Libya or Tunesia ? The migrants clearly had only one objective in mind – unlimited access the Northeuropean taxpayers purses!
    Why should other people pay for somebody else’s egoistic recklessness?

  12. Joe@joemail.com says

    This “politician” is going to die sometime too. Maybe other “politicians” will say the same about her when her time comes.

  13. smooth lee says

    There’s something real wrong about this woman, but sickeningly, she’s quite representative of too many among the powers that be.

  14. Niemoller says

    The emanations of Merkel and her minions are those of people who know they are guilty of capital treason. They’re trying to cover it up and hope it goes away. We cannot let it go away, this ethnic cleansing shall not be swept away by the next news cycle. This crime against humanity must never be repeated. The EU quisling politicasters have collaborated with a monstrous evil known as jihadism which has wrecked countless lives for centuries and across the globe today and is now wrecking Europe. Europe, once a bastion of hope in humanity, now in danger of being destroyed forever.

  15. Jim says

    If you want an example of what sophistry is, this is it:

    “If Susanna had not been murdered by the Iraqi, she might have been ‘run over by a car or someone else would have killed her.”

    I guess if anyone in Merkel’s party is assassinated, well, no problem, they could have been killed by a car.

    You can do this ad infinitum. Of course it is sick thinking, but it could be applied to every case. Ah, the beauty and simplicity of sophistry. (That’s sarcasm, folks.)

  16. TL says

    The remainder of her comment, too, is worth reading:

    Ob jemand gewattätig [she meant gewalttätig, i.e. violent] ist oder nicht hat nichts mit Herkunft oder Religion zu tun. Und Grenzen zu schließen ist feige und verstößt gegen alle christlichen Prinzipien.


    Whether someone is violent or not has nothing to do with their origin or religion. And to close borders is cowardly and violates all Christian principles.

    That backstabbing Christian Democratic tool is not altogether wrong about Christianity, which has been described fairly as a grandparent of Bolshevism. Christianity is a morbid personality cult, and it encourages the vices of altruism and sacrifice to The Other. Given contemporary political trends, it will be surprising if Christianity and its partner, secular humanism, which seeks political implementation of a compulsory altrusim, does not pull the roof down entirely.

    • somehistory says

      What she said, and what you wrote, is not Christianity. So many who are against Christianity, don’t know Christianity. And so many who claim Christianity, or claim to know it, don’t know it at all.

      Christ was slandered. His true followers and the teachings He gave them, have been slandered for centuries…from the time when He lived as a man on earth, until the present day.

  17. gravenimage says

    Germany: Politician from Merkel’s party says girl murdered by Muslim migrant “would have been hit by a car”

    Well, this is *just sickening*–is Venny Lang claiming that victims are simply fated to die, and hence it doesn’t matter if you drive drunk or invite in millions of rapist Muslims or even go on a murder spree yourself?

    What vicious tripe. Clearly rates of rape and murder have skyrocketed in Germany since Muslims started flooding in.

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