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India gets rid of discriminatory Sharia law : No more triple talaq: India court bans Islamic instant divorce

August 22, 2017 9:25 am By Robert Spencer 2 Comments “Three of the five Supreme Court judges called the controversial practice ‘un-Islamic, arbitrary and unconstitutional’. One of the judges, Justice Kurien Joseph, said the practice was not an essential part … Continue reading

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Superstitious belief that water makes atonement for future sins

(4) Narrated Humran: (the slave of ‘Uthman) I saw ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan asking for a tumbler of water (and when it was brought) he poured water over his hands and washed them thrice and then put his right hand in the … Continue reading

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Superstitious power of dirty water in Islam. The adoration and worship of a man

(6) Narrated Abu Juhaifa: Allah’s Apostle came to us at noon and water for ablution was brought to him. After he had performed ablution, the remaining water was taken by the people and they started smearing their bodies with it (as … Continue reading

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Mohammed and the Medinan Jews, an article from the Jewish Encylopaedia

By: Joseph Jacobs, Mary W. Montgomery Table of Contents Jewish Tribes at Medina. Mohammed’s Attitude Toward Jews of Medina. Mohammed Attacks Jews. Fate of Medina Jews. Second sacred city of Islam; situated in the Hijaz in Arabia, about 250 miles … Continue reading

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Muhammad in the Holy Bible Pt. 1, a clip by Sam Shamoun

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Islam has no corraborating evidence from archaeology or other ancient historical sources to provide evidence for it’s assertion that monotheistic warners and messengers were sent by Allah to ancient pagan civilizations in the distant past. Islam could only resort to stealing the historical details from the bible. Mohammed thus shows his complete and utter ignorance and dependence on biblical sources. If Allah was real and giving Mohammed revelations why did he not reveal all these things to Mohammed?

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Is true Islam always violent? Robert Spencer vs James White

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One of the great deceits of Islam is that Mohammed was reluctantly forced to fight in response to others fighting against him. This was never the case. He was always the instigator of the fighting in which he was involved. He projected his own plotting to kill onto the minds of others in the form of the classical conspiracy theory. In biblical ethics a conspiracy to attack is still not enough to justify a pre-emptive violent attack on other human beings. On the other hand a conspiracy to defend, as in the case of the Jews and Pagans against the extreme agression of the license to kill prophet Mohammed, is the legitimate human right of all societal groups. The pre-emptive attack on non-Muslims by the Ummah is a sacred duty or obligation according to the later revelations and hadiths attributed to Mohammed

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George Orwell said: Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. I say: Islam is a giant thought control apparatus underpinned with the terror of Sharia Apostasy and Blasphemy laws combined with the law of the Freedom of unrestrained Jihadic warfare against non-Muslims by whoever, wherever and however you please to harm Infidels and further the cause of Islam.

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Michael Stürzenberger sentenced to 6 months jail for posting HISTORICAL FACT on Facebook

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