About me

I am a 5 point Calvinist and Amillenialist observing the ideological clash between Islam and Christianity. I also take the stance of the Dean Burgon Society on the primacy of the KJV in the English language. My name is Paul. I adhere to the Westminster Confession of Faith.

I am married to a woman; living in Germany; the land of beer, wine, schnitzels, sausages, Carnival, Martin Luther, Goethe and all the great philosophers and composers of music who will live for ever. Here the pig is the much-loved emblem of good luck. Perhaps no other country is as naturally anti-sharia in it’s culinary traditions as Germany.  Multi-culturalism has failed to build the bridges between the cultural\national\religious identities alien to each other and break down the dividing walls of hatred and enmity between them. But one religion is devoted to preserving the sacred wall of enmity it has built around it’s own community of the virtuous with the purpose of subjugating and\or destroying everything contrary to itself, this religion is called ISLAM.

All references to Allah are to the koranic deity of the same name.