Comments of Muslims which show that Islam is an idolatrous personality cult which semi-worships Abraham and Mohammed

  1. Erasmus
  2. If the ram is not a substitute it’s just a free meal for Abraham courtesy of Allah. In that case why does Allah say it is a great ransom?
  3. Where are you going for your next great ransom, anyone for Burger King or McDonalds?
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    • Erasmus

      The great ransom for Abraham is that, Muslims mentions and pray(not intercession) to him and his family everyday in our prayers. We do the exact same sacrifice he did every year by performing Hajj and perfome his(Abraham’s) rituals and his family. We throw stones to symbolise when Haggar threw stones to satan when he was tempting her with water. She refused the temptations of satan and prayed and waited for God to bring her water called zamzam from the where the feet of the baby Ishmael was in the desert.

      We sacrifice a lot of animals just like like how Abraham did and distribute the meat to poor and to our Christian friends to eat. I normally invited my Christian friends to enjoy the delicious meat from my childhood till today and so are most Muslims. All because of Abraham’s obedience to God. It is a mighty sacrifice.

      It was done from the time of Abraham till today.



    • correction

      I mean pray for Abraham not pray to Abraham.
      In few weeks time, Muslims all over the world will perform the mighty sacrifice of more animals to remember and pray for Prophet Abraham and his family. We will perform all the rituals he and his family did at his time and it will continue till the end times. Abraham prayed for that and we Muslims are remembering him with mighty sacrifice of Hajj and eid ul Adha.



      1. It doesn’t say in the text that Abraham gave anything to anyone.
      2. How many people can you feed with one ram?
      3. Catholics pray for the dead too.
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    • Do you pray for Abraham and his family daily? Muslims do that.
      Do you sacrifice ram annually like how Abraham did? Muslims do that.
      Do you perform the rituals of Abraham obedience to God? Muslims do that.

      That is the ransom of mighty sacrifice to Abraham and his family.

      Abraham prayed to God for future generation to see his obedience to God and Allah granted his prayers with mighty sacrifice that Muslims and those who submits to his God did and are still doing till the end times. Is it not amazing?



      1. No one can sacrifice like Abraham. God hasn’t told anyone else to sacrifice their son. Muslims are not copying him. If they honour kill their children maybe they think they are copying him perhaps? Honour killing will get a leg up with your interpretation of what Abraham did.
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    • There is no honor killing in Islam. Provide me with the verse if you have.
      Abraham did not sacrifice his son but sacrifice a ram and that is exactly what Muslims are doing.


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      1. Because God commanded Abraham to do that. Not you or anyone else.
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    • May be Christians are not commanded. But Muslims are commanded to pray and remember Abraham and his family because of his obedience to God. We are commanded to perform Hajj and perform the rituals of Abraham’s and his family obedience to God including sacrificing a ram that he did.



      1. ” Is it not amazing?”
      2. lol, it sure is.
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    • “If the ram is not a substitute it’s just a free meal for Abraham courtesy of Allah. In that case why does Allah say it is a great ransom?”

      you must be an idiot. why can’t it be “great” because it was MIRACULOUSLY provided by God and this MIRACULOUS provision would SYMBOLIZE:

      1. abraham and his sons willingness
      2. no reluctance.
      3. no begging god to save his son.
      4. READY to do the will of God anytime anywhere

      SO you are about to chop your son and lo and behold God calls and gives you an animal from out of no where. this all must be symbolic for something. and i tell you the truth it is not jesus .


      1. The memorial of someone else’s sacrifice is transformed in to a sacrificial ritual itself. How’s about that?
      2. Apparently Mohammed liked blood too much to let go.
      3. We moved on to higher things.
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    • “Apparently Mohammed liked blood too much to let go.”

      and what were the jews doing before muhammad was born? did they not sacrifice animals to remember the act of abraham?

      btw paul lied to you when he said “abraham was justified by faith”

      the reason he lied to you was because in the torah, the hebrew word for “righteousness”
      is connected with deeds/acts/works

      quote :

      Tzedek – justice; the practice of making sure our fellow human beings receive and get to keep what is rightfully theirs according to the laws of God
      Tzadakah – justice-love or benevolence as a duty
      Tzadik – 1). one who does tzedek and tzedakah; one who is law-abiding; 2). one who is on the right side of the law in a court case; 3). one who is correct or right in a particular circumstance
      Mishpat – from the word shofet (a judge); the law handed down by a court and accepted by the litigants or by an entire society. It can be a man-made law or a divine law.

      The word tzedakah never ever means innocent or pure or holy or clean or vindicated or justified.
      Kadosh means holy.
      Tahor means pure.
      Naki means clean.
      Lehatzdik means to vindicate or to justify (it has the same root as the word tzedek).
      Mutzdak means vindicated or justified (same root as the word tzedek).

      Tzedakah is the PERFORMANCE of BENEVOLENCE AS A DUTY. It never ever has the connotation of innocence/clean/pure/holy. Look at these verses and tell me if you think it makes sense that God is telling us to DO INNOCENCE, to DO PURITY, to DO HOLINESS. God is telling us to DO JUSTICE and JUSTICE-LOVE.

      so why did paul of saurus lie to you about what torah says?


    • can you tell me why paul of saurus RAPED the definition in the torah? why he LIED about abraham? why he LIED on his beloved torah? why ? why ? why?


      here are some more quotes:

      A person is born into this world INNOCENT and PURE FROM SIN – but not a TZADIK. A tzadik is someone who ACTS according to God’s LAWS – he/she lives a life of TZEDEK (justice – the state of being law abiding) and DOING TZEDAKAH (justice-love) to his fellow humans. A rasha (a wicked person) is someone who does not live according to God’s Laws, he does not fulfill his duties of tzedakah (justice-love) to his fellow humans.
      So Adam and Eve came into the world innocent and pure from all sin, but they were not yet tzaddikim until God taught them His laws. Once they were aware of God’s laws, they could then choose whether to DO His laws or whether to NOT DO them. When they chose to do God’s laws they were tzadikim. But they were not created tzadikim.

      Paul of Tarsus and the rest of the NT teach that according to God (and the Tanakh) a tzadik is ONLY someone who believes in the “Final Eternal Yom Kippur Sacrifice (Jesus)”. And Paul of Tarsus attempts to bring proof of this from Tanakh. His “proof” is one of the most ignorant “Torah lessons” I have ever seen. He takes the word tzedakah (in the verse about Abraham) which means an act of justice-love and teaches that it instead means innocent – that “believing” is an act of tzedakah which makes the person innocent. TZEDAKAH NEVER MEANS “INNOCENT OF SIN” IN ALL OF TANAKH. Paul of Tarsus told one of the biggest whoppers in human history.

      (I need to clarify something so that I do not leave anything out. I wrote that the primary meaning of tzadik in Tanakh is a person who does tzedakah and tzedek. When the word tzadik appears in Tanakh it has this meaning the overwhelming majority of times. There are a handful of times in Tanakh that the word tzadik does not have this meaning, but rather means someone who is on the right side of the law in a court case, just as the word rasha (wicked) is sometimes used in Tanakh to mean one who is on the wrong side of the law in a court case, e.g. “and they (the judges) vindicate the tzadik and find the rasha guilty” (Deut. 25:1). This verse is speaking about people who take their grievance to court.

      However, the word tzedakah only means justice or justice-love in every instance in Tanakh. It never means innocence, nor vindication, nor justification, nor “being right with G-d” as Paul of Tarsus and the NT teach us. This one NT teaching has pulled the wool over the eyes of people who don’t know Hebrew and has also killed the heart of the Torah, namely Hashem’s love of true righteousness which is the DOING OF TZEDAKAH.)

      so how come erasmouse? how come? why paul abused his torah ?

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      1. “Apparently Mohammed liked blood too much to let go.”
      2. your god got kind of obsessed with killing of innocent children, so he gave birth to jesus in trinity, sent him and had him roasted by pagan sacrificers. your god seems to have wasted thousands and thousands of pounds of blood and flesh in the temple . his beloved solomon used to have lot of prostitutes in the ot , but solomon never got the adultery punishment applied on him, apparently the shedding of innocent animal was enough to cool off your god. your god definitely liked human sacrifices because in hebrews animal sacrifices weren’t rocking his boat. he even said he gave bad commands to the jews which involved killing their children, but we know he really meant they were good commands because yhwh needs human offering to cool him off.
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    • “Apparently Mohammed liked blood too much to let go.”-Erasmus of bloggingtheology.

      I don’t get it when a Christian like you will say this, when your salvation is depended on blood. Not the blood of animals but human blood. That is abomination. Abraham sacrificed a ram and that is what we are doing. The meat is for food and the sacrifice is symbolic to Abraham’s obedience to God.



      1. “so how come erasmouse? how come? why paul abused his torah ?”
      2. I only know kjv English.
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    • Erasmus

      July 20, 2017 • 2:02 pm

      The memorial of someone else’s sacrifice is transformed in to a sacrificial ritual itself. How’s about that?

      Apparently Mohammed liked blood too much to let go.

      We moved on to higher things.

      I say;
      It is not only the ram sacrifice that Abraham did, that we are doing now. We are doing other things that Abraham and his family did in obedience to God. i.e. praying for his family, throwing stones to the devil/satan, worshiping his(Abraham’s) only one true God of Jesus, who sent Jesus according to Jesus himself, visiting the first house of worship of the only one God of him(Abraham) and many more.

      You single out only the ram sacrifice to bash. Why are the Jews still celebrating the pass over, if you want us to move on to a higher things?

      What is the higher thing? Is it not praying to one God of Abraham anytime like the Muslims are doing?



  1. “You single out only the ram sacrifice to bash. Why are the Jews still celebrating the pass over, if you want us to move on to a higher things?
    What is the higher thing? Is it not praying to one God of Abraham anytime like the Muslims are doing?”

    All your add-ons are unbiblical idolatry from my point of view. The Jews never sacrificed to celebrate the piety of Abraham.

    How can they celebrate the Passover iaw the law without a priesthood and a high priest?



    2. There are thousands of amateur expert translators all over the internet. I only recognize one group which produced this:
    3. kjv Gen 15 v 6: And he believed in the LORD; and he counted it to him for righteousness.
    4. So according to your scholar tzedakah doesn’t mean righteousness? In my noble book it does.
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    • LOL, your “noble” book is almost universally panned by scholars as a defective translation.

      Riddle me this Ignoramus. What does it mean to “humble” a woman according to your precious KJV?




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3 Responses to Comments of Muslims which show that Islam is an idolatrous personality cult which semi-worships Abraham and Mohammed

  1. θ says:

    Moslems do not emulate Abraham into the level of occult due to a simple fact he needs to pray to Allah for knowing or showing how to worship Him, pray to Him and do the rites for Him. Every ritualistic legacy that Abraham and his households do is guided by angels, instructed by Holy Spirit, thru inspiration of Allah, even for the smallest item such as seven stones to cast the Satan or cutting the nails. Legacy of rite is not of his own initiative.
    In Islam, Prophet Muhammad is a symbol of universal Prophet (of the pre-Noah ancestors, Shem, Ham, Japheth, angels, and things), whereas Abraham is a symbol for the Semitic Prophets.
    Moslems do not emulate Prophet Muhammad into the level of occult due to a simple fact he won’t be able to plead to Allah for the forgiveness of idolaters in Hell. Nevertheless, Prophet Muhammad would succeed to plead for forgiveness of the sinners whom Allah’s mercy is upon, i.e. the Monotheists.

  2. Faiz says:

    Intellect puts madman in his place on bloggingtheology:


    July 21, 2017 • 10:49 am

    brother intellect, madman accused every muslim here of idolatry. go on his blog and see what he has written

    I say;
    A pot calling a white tea cup black. Jesus is an image and the Bible clearly said so here

    The Ten Commandments

    Exodus 20
    4“You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth. 5“You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me, 6but showing lovingkindness to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

    But madmanna worships Jesus and eats his blood. What is more idolatrous than this madmanna.
    In addition, madmanna believes God can forgive any one if he wishes and he forgives those who do not believe Jesus died for his sins. What kind of a Christian is this madmanna?
    With the above believe he held the Muslim position and therefore is not a Christian but he worships Jesus who is an image and therefore violating the above biblical verse.

    I responded to him on that thread several times hoping he will respond and he never responded. He has seen the truth but will never accept it.



  3. θ says:

    Jesus indicates that he shall not be a Lord in the Afterlife. Jesus makes it certain that he will not save the Christians who *do* evilness in the world even though they believe in him as “Lord”. This proves easily that the “Lord” in Joel 2:32, Rom 10:13 is and will not be Jesus. At last, Jesus shall disappoint his followers. It is as if Jesus lost his cool loving character and lost his enthusiasm for forgiveness.

    However, Prophet Muhammad says he will plead to God for the forgiveness of Monotheists and for their release from Hell *despite doing* the evilness in this world. Islamic Prophet is a gift for the world.

    Rom 10:13
    For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
    Joel 2:32
    And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered: for in mount Zion and in Jerusalem shall be deliverance, as the LORD hath said, and in the remnant whom the LORD shall call.
    Mt 7
    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    Now, we may speculate on why Jesus can’t afford to raise up on to the highest Throne for pleading God on behalf of the sinners who had believed in him. Perhaps, one of the reasons is caused likely by the end of Jesus’ forgiving ministry that has straitened Jesus temporarily under the Levite priesthood thru John of the Baptist
    Lk 12:50
    But I have a baptism to be baptized with; and how am I straitened till it be accomplished.

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