FGM and Islam’s Mutilation of… Everything, a post from JihadWatch.org, with comments providing additional food for thought

Rather than an outlier Muslim practice held over from its pagan desert origins, female genital mutilation must be seen in its wider context of Islam’s view of women, and as an especially shocking indicator of the true nature of the “god” of Islam.

The recent Federal Department of Justice case in Michigan against a pair of Muslim doctors — one as perpetrator, the other providing access to his clinic — accused of performing female genital mutilation against several young girls, has suddenly put FGM into the spotlight.

A recent statement from the DOJ indicates their investigation leads them to believe that “up to 100 girls” may have had their genitals cut by the Michigan FGM ring. There are even accusations a Michigan mosque paid for genital cuttings. In a related story, a Muslim imam at a mosque with multiple terror ties is recorded as endorsing FGM.

Most recently, two Oakland County Muslimas have been arrested and charged with subjecting their young daughters to the Islamic practice of genital cutting, bringing the total number of arrests in the federal case to six.

The sane person will cringe in horror at the very thought of young girls being violated by such a barbaric, Islamic practice.

Yes, Islamic.

Robert Spencer distills the main Islamic sources which established FGM in Muslim culture fourteen centuries ago:

“Circumcision is obligatory (for every male and female) (by cutting off the piece of skin on the glans of the penis of the male, but circumcision of the female is by cutting out the bazr ‘clitoris’ [this is called khufaadh ‘female circumcision’]).” — ‘Umdat al-Salik e4.3, translated by Mark Durie, The Third Choice, p. 64

Why is it obligatory? Because Muhammad is held to have said so:

“Abu al- Malih ibn Usama’s father relates that the Prophet said: ‘Circumcision is a law for men and a preservation of honour for women.’” — Ahmad Ibn Hanbal 5:75

“Narrated Umm Atiyyah al-Ansariyyah: A woman used to perform circumcision in Medina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said to her: ‘Do not cut severely as that is better for a woman and more desirable for a husband.’” — Abu Dawud 41:5251

“Do not cut severely,” but not “Do not cut.”

That’s why it is so common around the world, and why it is certain to become increasingly common in the United States…

Children of Islam

There is a classic saying, “A civilization is judged by how it treats its weakest members.” Needless to say, for taking a razor blade to its daughters’ most tender and vulnerable parts, Islam should be judged quite harshly.

But there is a bit more to Islam’s tendency to mutilate than only FGM. Mutilation is a disturbing psychological thread which is woven throughout the entire tapestry of Muslim culture.

Consider how many Muslim societies rob children of their childhood, teaching them to hate, to kill, even to behead infidels. Organizations like Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) and The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) report and archive Muslim hate broadcasts such as these:

And, of course the Islamic State (ISIS) is even more sadistic, if that is possible:

‘Isis taught me to kill and behead anyone who is not a Muslim’ – Horrifying ordeal of boy, TEN, kidnapped as child soldier by fanatics

Perhaps even more disturbing than these stories from the Middle East (and similar ones from throughout the Islamic world) is a recent undercover exposé of hundreds of Muslim communities in America by Dave Gaubatz, co-author of Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That”s Conspiring to Islamize America:

American Muslim Children Taught to Hate – “Muslim children attending mosques and Islamic schools are being taught to hate America, our government, our military personnel and its non-Muslim population.”

Gaubatz focuses in the above report on three case studies: Dar al Hijra in Falls Church, Virginia (home to Anwar al-Awlaki, infamous jihad imam and instructor of three of the 9/11 jihadis), Taqwa mosque in Brooklyn, New York (led by radical imam Siraj Wahhaj, who incites Muslims to commit jihad terror attacks on soft targets using knives and vehicles — exactly the methods used in many recent attacks in Europe, England and America), and Al Farooq mosque in Nashville, Tennessee, where girls as young as 7 years old are being married off to Muslim men.

Islam’s Child Brides

As indicated above, the practice of Muslim men marrying girls as young as six or seven years old, is widespread throughout the Islamic world, and now even in the United States. The Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission reports that a full sixty percent of all Afghan women are married as children — often as young as nine or ten years old—to middle aged men.

One recent news story of an eighty-year-old Saudi man who married an eleven-year-old girl indicates the girl’s father arranged the marriage, gaining a dowry, while scorning the protests of his wife and the pleas for help of his daughter.

The Islamic practice of marrying off young girls to older men is a betrayal of their childhood, their innocence, and of the proper, sacred duty a father has to guard and protect his daughter.

Why is this so, and how have so many morally murky or clearly abhorrent practices become codified in Islamic law? Because in Islam, there is no appeal to conscience, no natural understanding of morality, ethics, right and wrong. Islam has a completely different standard.

In Islam, Muhammad is held up as the example of the ideal man (al-insan al-kamil), and therefore wholly worthy of emulation; anything he sanctioned by word or practice became incorporated into shariah.

Thus the marrying of girls as young as six years of age is seen to be both allowable, and even admirable, per the sound hadiths regarding Muhammad and his marriage to his favorite wife, the child-bride Aisha:

“The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).” (Sahih Al Bukhari 7.62.88)

Islam, Polygamy and the keeping of sex slaves from among conquered peoples

The practices of polygamy and keeping sex slaves as booty are detailed in the Quran. In other words, Allah approves of these practices and commends them. This has provided the Islamic State with a strong recruiting tool for zealous Muslim men:

“And if ye fear that ye will not deal fairly by the orphans, marry of the women, who seem good to you, two or three or four; and if ye fear that ye cannot do justice (to so many) then one (only) or (the captives) that your right hands possess. Thus it is more likely that ye will not do injustice (Sura 4:3).

Islam and Wife-beating

The same goes for wife beating; Allah approves it:

“Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them to excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge [beat] them” (Sura 4:34).

All of these behaviors — FGM, teaching children to hate and kill, child marriage, wife beating, polygamy, keeping sex slaves — are forms of physical and psychological mutilation. Taken on a case by case basis, they would be evidence of severe dysfunction, psychological perversion, and a deviant, amoral, even sociopathic condition.

What then can we say when we consider that these deviant, sociopathic behaviors are validated, normalized and even honored by the Quran and the example of Muhammad?

Islam, Honor Killings and the Devaluation of Women

The litany of Islam’s innate brutality towards women extends to honor killings of girls and women — permitted by Islamic law — who have brought shame on their families by adopting a Western lifestyle, not wearing the hijab (head covering), or dating a non-Muslim.

The Islamic manual, Reliance of the Traveller, certified by Al Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt as conforming “to the practice and faith of the orthodox Sunni Community,” clearly stipulates there is no punishment or retaliation for “a father or mother… for killing their offspring” (Reliance of the Traveller, o1.2.4, p584, 1991), thus establishing the Islamic legal framework which permits honor killings.

Just as we saw with wife-beating, Islam’s view of women stems directly from the Quran and Muhammad’s example. A woman’s testimony is only half as reliable as a man’s (Sura 2:282) and her inheritance can be only half that of a man’s (Sura 4:11). In instances of rape, a woman must provide four male witnesses against her attacker, which explains why so many rape victims in Islamic societies are stoned to death for committing adultery.

As for Muhammad’s view of women:

Sahih al-Bukhari 2658—The Prophet said: “Isn’t the witness of a woman equal to half of that of a man?” The women said: “Yes.” He said: “This is because of the deficiency of her mind.”

Sahih al-Bukhari 1052—The Prophet said: “. . . I saw the Hell-fire and I had never seen such a horrible sight. I saw that most of the inhabitants were women.” The people asked: “O Allah’s Apostle! Why is it so?” The Prophet said: “Because of their ungratefulness.”

Overall, Islamic law treats women as chattel, perpetually the property of either their fathers or husbands, and inculcates a view of women as animals. Revered Muslim scholar al-Qurtubi (d. 1273) in his definitive twenty volume commentary on the Quran writes that “A woman may be likened to a sheep—even a cow or a camel—for all are ridden” (Tafsir Al Quran, vol 15, p 172).

The Quran further states that the birth of a daughter makes a father’s “face darken and he is filled with gloom” (Sura 43:15).

Islam’s mutilation of criminals

Moving on from Islam’s treatment of children and women, we see the same pathological behavior in Islam’s system of “justice”: decapitations of unbelievers and apostates from Islam, thieves having their hands cut off, literal “eye for an eye” punishments. Islam mutilates its offenders, its enemies, even its children and women. There is no thought of rehabilitation, only the threat of swift, fierce and irreparable mutilation.

All these practices find their root in Muhammad’s example or teachings; Muhammad’s life establishes the Muslim moral code, providing its forms and context.

Islam’s mutilation of non-Muslims

Are we no longer shocked by the verses in the Quran mandating violence against the infidels until they convert or submit to Islam? Seen in the wider context of the Islamic practice of mutilation, these familiar passages now have a dark, psychotic consistency to them:

“So, when you meet those who disbelieve, smite at their necks till when you have killed and wounded many of them, then bind a bond firmly on them… Thus you are ordered by Allah to continue in carrying out jihad against the disbelievers till they embrace Islam.” (Sura 47:4)

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks, and smite over all their fingers and toes.” (Sura 8:12)

“Kill the mushrikun [unbelievers] wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush.” (Sura 9:5)

“Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth [i.e. Islam] among the people of the Book [Jews and Christians], until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” (Sura 9:29)

Islam is not just after submission of non-Muslims and subduing Christians, it is about terrorizing, humiliating and even mutilating them… us. This is what Allah wants, as he states repeatedly in the Quran.

Islam’s Mutilation of God

The Quran’s threatening bombasts against Christians directly attacks the dogma of the Holy Trinity:

“Say not Trinity’: desist: It will be better for you: For God is One God: Glory be to Him: (Far Exalted is He) above having a son….” (Sura 4:173)

“In blasphemy indeed are those that say that God is Christ the Son of Mary.” (Sura 5:19)

“They do blaspheme who say: ‘God is Christ the son of Mary…’ They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a Trinity: for there is no god except One God. If they desist not from their word (of blasphemy), verily a grievous penalty will befall the blasphemers among them.” (Sura 5:75,78)

(Of course, we already saw what “grievous penalty” awaits Christians — “blasphemers” according to the Quran — if they do not convey or submit to Islam.)

According to Christian theology, the nature of the Godhead as Three Divine Persons in a communion of co-equal loving action is revealed in both the Old and New Testaments, and transcends artificial attempts to adhere to a so-called “pure” monotheism (the Islamic doctrine of tawhid).

The great Church Fathers St. John of Damascus (8th c.) and St. Gregory Palamas (14th c.) clearly point out the inherent fallacies and inconsistencies of Islamic theology by articulating the dogma of the Holy Trinity as found in the scriptures, and comparing it to Quranic passages. St John Damascene is quite bold in his refutation:

“…We say to them: ‘As long as you say that Christ is the Word of God and Spirit [“The Messiah, Jesus son of Mary, was Allah’s word which he conveyed unto Mary, and a spirit from him” (Sura 4:171)], why do you accuse us of being Hetaeriasts [“Associators” – i.e., those who associate another with God]? For the word, and the spirit, is inseparable from that in which it naturally has existence. Therefore, if the Word of God is in God, then it is obvious that He is God.

“‘If, however, He is outside of God, then, according to you, God is without word and without spirit. Consequently, by avoiding the introduction of an associate with God you have mutilated Him. It would be far better for you to say that He has an associate than to mutilate Him, as if you were dealing with a stone or a piece of wood or some other inanimate object. Thus, you speak untruly when you call us Hetaeriasts; we retort by calling you ‘Mutilators of God.’ (St John of Damascus, Critique of Islam, emphasis added.)

Beginning with childhood itself, Islam mutilates everything: men, women, boys, girls, conscience, apostate Muslims, Jews, Christians… even God.

This violent, sadistic spirit is inherent in Islam’s spiritual DNA. It is commanded in the Quran, it flows from Muhammad’s example, it is codified in Islamic jurisprudence, and it is put into practice by millions of Muslims every day, as it has been for 1400 years.

This explains everything: fourteen centuries of jihad, the Armenian Genocide, and today’s Muslim persecution of Christians, Jews, and other non-Muslims from Egypt, Nigeria, Iraq and Syria to Pakistan, Turkey, Kosovo and Indonesia — all throughout the Islamic world. And now we are seeing it spreading in Europe and America.

The FGM case in Michigan is not merely the tip of an existential iceberg, it is now the most visible fruit of an evil ideology which seeks to mutilate anyone who does not submit to it.

This is why Islam is completely incompatible with Western Civilization.

This is why we need a complete ban on Muslim immigration. From anywhere. Now.

Quebec: Court rejects Muslim’s claim he went to Syria out of “curiosity,” convicts him on terror charge
DHS awards $10 million in grants to prevent jihad terror recruitment


    1. Marilyn says

      June 26, 2017 at 2:51 pm

      Of course, any doctor doing this should be arrested & imprisoned. But, the real criminals are the parents causing this to be done to their child. They are equally, if not more so, guilty.

    1. John Krupa says

      June 26, 2017 at 3:06 pm

      UNHOLY … in ALL WAYS!

      In view of what has been referenced above:

      How can this barbaric cult, in any way, be referred to as “holy”?
      How can the kkkoran be considered holy?
      How can this evil prophet, who preached death and destruction to ALL non-believers, be considered holy?
      How can any of the locations, cities, regions, etc., associated with this barbaric cult, be considered holy?

      Particularly, based on this notion of abrogation, where all things post-Mecca prevail over all things pre-Medina, I can see no way that any part of this unholy cult can be characterized otherwise. Referring to any part of this barbaric cult as holy is a plain and simple bastardization of this English word.

    1. Michael Copeland says

      June 26, 2017 at 3:31 pm

      Thank you. This catalogue of attributes shows very clearly why Islam, namely “Sharia law”, the European Court ruled, “is incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy”.

        • Mark Swan says

          June 27, 2017 at 1:12 am

          Absolutely Michael Copeland

          In the mind of Islam, the Democracy way of life, constitutes, rebellion against obedience to Islam, It has to be changed. Total obedience must be to the orders and prohibitions of Islam’s Law. The Islam belief is that allowing people political and personal freedom amounts to heresy.

          There is no other active anti-Democracy movement like Islam.

          You can not be for Islam, and against Fascism.

    1. Angel Gabriel says

      June 26, 2017 at 3:50 pm

      This article makes it clear that self-admitted cannibal Reza Aslan lied on CNN when he said that FGM is not Islamic, but is instead African. Shame on him. But I guess it is tough to have shame when you are a self-admitted cannibal. How do you top that?

    1. jasnan says

      June 26, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      Muslims are obsessed with virginity ( hymen is intact )………even allah says he offer “” hymen intact virgins in heaven……..who are untouched by men quran chap 55:56)……………their prophet mohammed wanted to taste virgin therefore he scrud Aisha when she was 9 yrs………………..

      Klitoris is the seat of female sensation, if that is removed women will not seek pleasure therefore will remain virgins………. and muslim men can break the hymen and enjoy the heavenly bliss which allah has told will be for sure in heaven

      The second reason for FGM is when women dont have pleasure in intercourse they will remain faithful……………

        • Sarah says

          June 26, 2017 at 8:25 pm

          Good comment. I would change one thing though, with all due respect to you. Muslims are not obsessed with just virginity. They are obsessed with sex full stop. Virginity is one element of that. Their mind bending FEAR of women and women’s sexuality knows no limits. It speaks volumes for the mindset of Mohammed.

          We know of him:
          1. That he was Illiterate and Innumerate. (He could not read or write, nor count.)
          2. That he was pig Ignorant. (He believed the sun sets in a muddy pool at night, that shooting stars are the weapons that Angels and Devils throw at each other, in their eternal warring over us, in the Heavens)
          3. That he was a Violent, Sadistic, Cruel War Mongerer. (Just look to the Hadith and Sira’s that glowingly refer to his numerous battles.)
          4. That he was a Slaver. (He believed in taking slaves and selling and buying slaves.)
          5. That he was a Pedophile. (Aisha.)
          6. That he was a Rapist and Sexual Sadist. (Again, just look to the Hadith and Sira’s that glowingly refer to numerous accounts of him ‘taking what his right hand possesses.)
          7. That he was a Thief. (Booty. He sure loved his booty.)
          8. That he was a Liar. (Treaty of Hudaybiyyah.)
          9. That he was a Murderer. (again, go to the Hadith and the Sira’s.)

          I’m sure I’m missing a whole bunch more here. But the point is – he was filth. He was sly, cunning, manipulative, untrustworthy, primitive scum. Why on earth would his opinions on women and his sick obsession with sex and intimacy ever be considered worthwhile or valuable?

          He deserves nothing more than to be hated as a historical figure in the same way as Hitler is hated. Not revered and held up as perfect and to be emulated. He was a sick, perverted, obscene monster.

          Mutilating little girls so as to traumatize them terribly and ensure they never ever are capable of enjoying intimacy and the sexual act is criminal. Whether you apply modern day thinking OR dark ages rhetoric.

            • Mark Swan says

              June 27, 2017 at 1:43 am

              I can not imagine how their version of sex is enjoyable.

              A sexually excited woman and man is the only way a real man and woman can have proper sex,
              theirs is warped molestation.

              No wonder these creeps are such belligerents.

            • jasnan says

              June 27, 2017 at 3:53 am

              They are obsessed with scx because they cannot mastrubate………. that’s why you have this problem of scruing goats…………..

              As they cannot mastrubate raphing of western women is the only way to relieve their pressures…………. so a muslim male always thinks of scruing a women when he sees her……….therefore forbids his females from others view………. his insecurity………. and the constant use of force to enforce it makes him violent………??????

              this violence is the reason why ME is always in war

        • quazgaa says

          June 26, 2017 at 7:31 pm

          ibrahim, the quran cures illnesses.
          just the other day i ran out of toilet paper and used a page from the quranus.
          lo and behold, my hemorrhoids are gone.

        • Mike9a says

          June 26, 2017 at 7:35 pm

          The signature of the poster, emphasized with two exclamation marks, tell us everything,
          Absolutely priceless

        • don vito says

          June 27, 2017 at 2:10 am

          itace, your prophet was a murdering, lying, pervert how can you defend such an evil, misleading, mindless, vile “person”? What can a kufr doing to protect blood and property from the filthy hands of your demented prophet? You know the texts of islam are “madding”, save your sanity. Become a hypocrite or apostate, you’ll thank this kufr for saving your sanity, if you follow my advise.

    1. Sarah says

      June 26, 2017 at 8:03 pm

      Mental gymnastics. Seriously,that’s what it takes to swallow this cruel inanity. The mental equivalent of a triple axle dismount off the uneven bars.

      So Allah created everything. Allah is God, Allah has it all going on and doesn’t make mistakes yada yada. And Allah creates Man and Woman as we are.

      But then Allah says, slice off the tip of the foreskin on the penis of every male, oh and hack off the clitoris of the female,the sexual organ I designed and created solely for pleasure and while you’re at it, feel free to hack off the labia majora and parts of the labia minora – even though I created the vagina of women, with the labia majora and minora having important functions to the operation of a vagina.

      And then stitch it all closed, despite the fact that I created a woman’s urethra and a woman’s vagina and the clitoris and the labia majora and labia minora exactly the way that they are, with the myriad of important and different functions that they all exist for – and leave the female in question with a small entrance from which she can urinate from and menstruate from and which her husband can agonizingly tear apart on their wedding night.

      You’d think Allah would just create men and women that way, if that’s what he wanted. He’s a pretty craptastic God, who seems to make a lot of mistakes.

      Then again, given that Allah gave Mohammed, via the angel Gabriel, the Quran which was supposed to be Allah’s ‘perfect and unalterable word’, we shouldn’t be too surprised. Because the ‘perfect and unalterable word of God’ is packed to the brim with linguistic errors, syntax problems, poor spelling and grammar etc. And of course, the Abrogations. You know, where Allah said one thing, but then a few years later, according to Mohammed, changed his mind and said a bunch of things that were almost the exact opposite.

      Mental gymnastics. That’s what one needs in order to swallow any of this. That, or an IQ in the single digits.

    1. billybob says

      June 26, 2017 at 8:32 pm

      Supposedly, before Muhammad came along, those barbaric Arabs buried their infant daughters in the sand. Then again, supposedly Muhammad liberated women, giving them some rights. But from all I have read above about how Islam treats women, it seems it would have been kinder to bury them in the sand as infants then subject them to a life of sexual slavery and abuse.

        • maghan says

          June 26, 2017 at 9:08 pm

          Probably a PC lie. How would they produce children if they buried their infant daughters. At best, that would just increase the value of females–which did not happen.

    1. Matthieu Baudin says

      June 26, 2017 at 9:44 pm

      You’re a good man Ralph for helping keep the issue alive as Christine and others have also done. How anyone can gloss over the grotesquely cruel cultural practice of the castration of girls is beyond my comprehension, or at least way past what my stomach will endure. This brutal, violent child abuse would never be countenanced against boys; a phallus is a phallus whether its small (clitoris) or more pronounced (penis).

    1. ibrahim itace muhammed says

      June 27, 2017 at 2:03 am

      Billybob,you filthy Christians are too myopic believing in such false assumption far away from islamic sources and practice among muslims.fgm is not mandatory and not creation of Islam,it was common practice among pagan Arabs.The hadith endorsing it contradicts the Quran and as such not accepted by most Islamic scholars,modern muslim scholars and i am on their side.The other fantansies narrated by Ralph Sidway are carbon copies of those old evangelical lies dismissed for long.

        • don vito says

          June 27, 2017 at 2:25 am

          itace, aisha has been quoted as saying, “the koran was mohamud’s character”. What a very poor person you have chosen to follow. Your own scriptures say that mohamud was a sinner, and Yeshua was sinless. Why follow a sinner, instead of a sinless being? Poor itace now please explain how a kufr can save their blood and property from that sinning, frankenstein you call a prophet?

  1. rightrightright says

    June 27, 2017 at 3:14 am

    No idea whether the Koran references the castration of male slaves but this Moslem practice should surely be included in the list of Mohamedan mutilations.

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