Mohammed approved of the lashing of slaves

(6) Narrated Abdullah bin Zama: That he heard the Prophet delivering a sermon, and he mentioned the shecamel and the one who hamstrung it. Allah’s Apostle recited:– ‘When, the most wicked man among them went forth (to hamstrung the she-camel).’ (91.12.) Then he said, “A tough man whose equal was rare and who enjoyed the protection of his people, like Abi Zama went forth to (hamstrung) it.” The Prophet then mentioned about the women (in his sermon). “It is not wise for anyone of you to lash his wife like a slave, for he might sleep with her the same evening.” Then he advised them not to laugh when somebody breaks wind and said, “Why should anybody laugh at what he himself does?”  (Book #60, Hadith #466)

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One Response to Mohammed approved of the lashing of slaves

  1. θ says:

    The Hadith about the lashing of a slave has a dire financial penalty for the masters according to other Hadith: unconditional manumission of slave.

    Muslim Book 18, Hadith 1605
    Ibn ‘Umar reported: The Prophet said: The expiation for beating, or slapping a slave on the face for something he has not done is to set him free.
    Adab Al-Mufrad Book 9, Hadith 177
    Ibn ‘Umar said, I heard the Prophet say, The expiation for someone who slaps his slave or beats him more than he deserves is to set him free.

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