John Guandolo Moment. Israel is just one domino stone

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2 Responses to John Guandolo Moment. Israel is just one domino stone

  1. θ says:

    Is it possibly true that ISIS doesn’t carry out terrors in Israel because Israel stays away from interfering ISIS agenda, rather than the immigration issues?
    Should Turkey, the UK, France, the UK learn from that?

    The failed terrorism is called ISIS, but the successful one is called Israel or Zionism. Zionists are neither ‘Losers,’ ‘Nihilists,’ ‘worshipers of death,’ nor ‘sick cowards’ but they are rather cultists and idealists who commit horrific murders for a territorial cause and they don’t hesitate to sacrifice their lives (Jewish Zionists) and money (Christian Zionists) for A Utopian Land: An Arab land ruled by a Jewish Faith.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Western analysts, politicians, even Hollywood movies like to imagine a possibility when terrorists attacked, took over, and ruled one capital city in the West, or even the White House. But fortunately that is just a fiction. Nevertheless, the Arabs really experienced: The Arabs lost their capital city, i.e. Jerusalem, to the Jewish invaders.

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