Robert Spencer, What is Jihad?

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2 Responses to Robert Spencer, What is Jihad?

  1. θ says:

    The choice of using the word Jihad for the radicals just helps obscure those terrorists among others.

    A tactic to broaden the tedious security burden to the level of suspecting a greater Moslem populace in the West is a beguiling way to “obscure” the identity of real radicals, as well as to drain and exhaust the security apparatus beyond their sane capacity.

    Generalisation benefits terrorists. The radicals survive and thrive because of the Islamophobes’ blunder of helping obscure the radical’s existence among the non-radicals, that is by making it hard and harder to recognise the radicals among the greater Moslem populace. That’s like a guerrilla tactic the Islamophobes can’t figure out.

    Islamophobes always come at the right moment and perfect time to hide the radicals immediately by their silly generalisation and guilty by association.

    The effort to find such a worse dog to guard the bad dogs, which is a group that would do all dirty works on behalf of the West and to protect the West interest, is a responsibility of the military and warmongering groups, not of civilian politicians.

  2. θ says:

    The choice of using the Arabic words is also a very dirty tactic of the radicals to escape obscured among the Moslem populace.

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