How Dissimulation about Islam is Fuelling Genocide in the Middle East, an article by Mark Durie from 2014 as ISIS was on the rise

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2 Responses to How Dissimulation about Islam is Fuelling Genocide in the Middle East, an article by Mark Durie from 2014 as ISIS was on the rise

  1. θ says:

    “This worldview was promoted in compelling, visionary terms by Indian scholar Abul A’la Maududi, whose writings continue to be widely disseminated by Islamic bookshops and mosques across the West. Maududi argued in his radicalisation primer Let us be Muslims that the only valid form of government is Islamic theocracy – i.e. sharia rule – and Muslims are duty-bound to use whatever power they can muster to impose this goal on the world: ‘whoever you are, in whichever country you live, you must strive to change the wrong basis of government, and seize all powers to rule and make laws from those who do not fear God. … The name of this striving is jihad.’ And ‘If you believe Islam to be true, you have no alternative but to exert your utmost strength to make it prevail on earth: you either establish it or give your lives in this struggle.’”

    There’s a fake Shari’ah different than the true Shari’ah.
    True Shari’ah is not a mass-control which certain Moslem “Pro-Caliphate” groups have wrongly promoted, with agenda of “top-down” policy. Far differently, the Shari’ah is more about the “bottom-up” control or regulation to strict and reduce the absolute abusive freedom of Governments and politicians, not otherwise, so that one person can’t accumulate powers, but rather to serve.
    With a top-down control, even the angels can quickly abusive the power if they were given a chance to work as Government,

    A job of Anti-corruption agency and National Auditors would be more easier if there’s a partialism of powers into a more smaller duty, so that one civil servant just does one responsibility that may reduce possibility of corruption. National transparency and regular monthly budget reports should be exposed as well to the public. It is no secret that the state money just goes to the cronies.

  2. θ says:

    Adam is the first caliph person in Islamic model of Caliphate, and he is not an angel. In facts, the angels are high leaders in Heaven, whereas Adam is just a newly peasant. Agenda of bringing forth Adam is to restrict the freedom of governing upon the heavenly angels.

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