Faiz, a Muslim, accuses the Jews confronted by Mohammed of Racism. A classical piece of Islam-inspired Jew hatred and bigotry


Madman ranted:

“Your discussion of the Canaanites is off topic for this thread.

As I see it the Jews considered Mohammed’s war with the pagans to be unjust in the light of their scriptures, particularily the ten commandments. Therefore they could not partake in it with a good conscience before God.”

LOL!!! Apparently, madman can now read the minds of people who lived 1400 years ago!

Yes, I’m sure the Jews would believe that. Oh but wait…their own scriptures talk about killing pagans and wiping out entire generations. I guess that was okay!

Don’t project your hypocrisy on to them. They didn’t oppose Muhammad (pbuh) because of some misplaced sense of “justice”. They opposed him because they feared his growing influence and his claim to prophethood. Given their racist outlook, they could not accept an Arab prophet. That was the sole reason they opposed him.

“They also rejected his claim to be a prophet so their crime was a double one. Thus they became the object of Allah’s wrath. Because of “revelations” they knew that this justified their destruction so they had no choice but to seek to defend themselves, even if it meant seeking the help of pagans.”

LOL, yes just like the Jews of Jesus’ time became the object of Allah’s wrath as well!

But seriously, your laughable assumptions are simply the result of your own deluded mind. What else can we expect from a clearly deranged individual who defends Biblical genocide but then foams at the mouth like a rabid dog because a few traitorous Jews got what they deserved.

“Questions for you:

Did Allah kill women and children in the flood?

Did Allah kill all the women and children of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Is Allah less just than Mohammed?””

LOL!!! Still not answering my questions. When will you apologists grow a spine?

Answer my questions, madman. Quit stalling.

1. Who was the instigator: the Canaanites or the Israelites?

2. People die from natural causes all the time. It’s a bit different from deliberately killing a baby, don’t you think madman? Please say no so that we can all see what a psychotic man you really are!

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4 Responses to Faiz, a Muslim, accuses the Jews confronted by Mohammed of Racism. A classical piece of Islam-inspired Jew hatred and bigotry

  1. θ says:

    No one believes, not even a Jew nor Prophet’s family, unless Allah wills him to do so.
    Allah wills a man to believe Him because of the possibilities of man’s contributions for something greater than life.

    If early Islam’s war were a religion-motivated one, Prophet Muhammad should have fought a far weaker, unorganised, disorganised, dysfunctional group of the Arab Bedouins first, akin to seven primitive Canaanite tribes during the time of Moses and Joshua.

    But, very much different than Moses who carefully avoided fighting the established Egypt empire and the Assyrians, our Prophet Muhammad fought a far stronger group of the heathen Makkah and the Jews instead, even a much powerful Byzantium.
    It is as if he took a bull by it horns.

    Similarly, the Islamic approach of referring to the Jewish Monotheism is seen by the heathens as a very odd one, a bad adds, unconvincing theme, even a mockery. The religion of Jews is counted as a “failed belief” of the old outcast losers who lost their kingdom numerous times to a much more powerful heathen empire. The names of Moses, David and Solomon are losers for the heathens.

    Concerning a contention between Moslems and the Jews, that’s minuscule if compared to a greater loss of Christianity to the Medieval Moslems throughout the Middle East.
    What is significance of a less known Banu Qurayza of the Jews if compared to a well-known Byzantium of Christians?

  2. θ says:

    In other words, suppose one met a Moslem warrior of the Medieval age, asking about the names or the persons of the Jewish Banu Qurayza he fought with, he must answer that he doesn’t remember that because the Banu Qurayza is too insignificant.

  3. θ says:

    In Islam Allah prohibits Moslems from getting grieved of the unbelief of many people, and from being over-obsessed with converting entire world, per Q.3, v.176.

    Allah wills a man to believe Him because of the possibilities of man’s contributions for something greater than life. Hence, when confronting the unbelievers, Moslems just realistically expect they might have no any contribution whatsoever to offer for a future from their disposal, so why do we have to insist them otherwise?

    For God, a worldly life is like investment for a better future, in which before reaping the profits one ought to spend some cost and payment for it. The unbelievers are counted as an inevitable cost for investment. The world where humans strive to achieve what angels can’t is a good deal the brief life can offer. Proving the righteous yield in a flash of world is about living a life to the fullest.

  4. Faiz says:

    Hey madman. Why don’t you answer my questions? I am chasing you across the Internet now it seems! Lol!!!

    Jew-hatred? So the Jewish rejection of Gentile prophets is not racist, but criticizing the act of automatically rejecting a non-Jewish prophet is “Jew-hatred”? Lol! A classical piece of Christian inspired stupidity and hypocrisy. What else we expect from a demented madman? Did you commit yourself yet? 😉

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