Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Shadid Lewis vs Robert Spencer

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One Response to Is Islam a Religion of Peace? Shadid Lewis vs Robert Spencer

  1. θ says:

    Ancient Moslems preceded Islam, and Islam too preceded Prophet Muhammad (Q.42, v.52) and other early Moslems.
    As the system of life, beliefs and worships in one certainly Islam can never harm anyone with any violence. As God’s words, Qur’an too can’t hurt anyone. The Hadith says, Qur’an shall become a man later in the Afterlife, not here in the world.

    Islam has become a perfect system of life since the conquest of Makkah, but Islam has not been system of the nations yet. Only at the moment when Moslems become majority in one nation Islam could manifest to be system of nation.

    Concerning “Moslemhood”, that is caliphate, its “imperial” strength depends on a response of the Non Moslems. Allah respects detente (Q.4, v.90, Q.22, v.40, Q.3, v.140), Allah shall help a man who helps himself, that’s why the word “peace” in Islam is a verb.

    Peace in Moslem’s definition is not a passive situation like a gift taken for granted, but rather a continuous action of checking each other: militarily, politically, economically, lastly demographically.
    The Non Moslems presumed wrongly that the meaning of peace in Moslemhood is a passive pacifism of Jesus.

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