Four stages of Jihad

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One Response to Four stages of Jihad

  1. θ says:

    Moslems do not need to be dictated about multiculturalism. Islam is the most favorite religion of the Southeastern Asian populace by choice.

    One should be honest that the s-called “Western Christianity” fails and loses its attraction to the globe. More and more the young generations do not find it worth it.

    Some great minds in the West such as Kant, Hume, Beethoven, Wagner, Camus, Darwin, Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz, Locke, Newton, Smith, Machiavelli, Mozart, Hegel, Jung, Marx, Nietzsche, Aquinas, Calvin, Luther, Rousseau, Sartre, et cetera do not satisfy the transcendental needs of the world.
    The Western minds do not have a transcendental appeal, they aren’t like holy men or patrons for the role model of life, worse their works are too fragmented in ideas so it turns to be indication that they just happen to have mastered one tiny skill only. Certain Westerners tried to revive a nostalgic appeal in ideas of Plato and Aristotle, but they are no saint.

    The civilisation of the West is not rooted in a fixed transcendence, but in certain temporary changes. Once, the America was a role model for the idea of the rights of Self-determination. But now, it lost its appeal. There’s no colonialism (except in Israel). Once, the America was a role model for the ideas of Free Market. But now, it lost its appeal because there’s no such a thing as the economic isolationism any longer.

    The West turns like one inferior civilisation if the Westerners refuse to compete to win the heart and mind of the next generation. Islam goes forward in the West because of ideas. The West goes forward because of technology. But the people live to deliver legacy of ideas, not in technology.

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