Contradictions and anomalies in Islam # 1, Charity becomes compulsory and expiatory

2:3 Those who believe in the Unseen, perform the prayer and give freely from what We provided for them.


9:103 Take of their wealth voluntary alms to purify and cleanse them therewith; and pray for them, for your prayers are a source of tranquility for them. Allah is All-Hearing, All-Knowing.

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One Response to Contradictions and anomalies in Islam # 1, Charity becomes compulsory and expiatory

  1. θ says:

    Compulsory regulation is a form of leadership.
    When the personal faith turns to be a religion of family, society, movement, even state, unavoidably it needs control. Control is compulsory. Control is a reason why the Prophets were sent to give a good lesson of leadership vis-a-vis the bad lessons by tyrants.

    Even in such a libertine groupie, the hedonist liberals still need a “control” against incursion of conservatives, traditionalists and moralists.
    Individualism has caused a stagnancy, unnecessary conflict of interests, clash of demand, et cetera as being shown in the time of the Judges of the Tanach. Today’s stateless Christians is like a lost generation in the time of the Judges. Secularism and idea of nonviolence have made them practically the self-imposed slaves.
    Hence, the control of groups is needed to preserve the individualism itself, to exert the group’s existentialism, and sort the priority as well as necessity.

    God makes humans in differing talents, races, tribes and ethnicity, and they tend to compete endlessly – even further decimating and eliminating each others for it – if they don’t settle their egos to enlist what they termed as “Red Line” and arrange their mutual priorities.

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