Discover the “Truth” tries to fool us with a hadith that purportedly shows that Islam protects all women from rape

Discover the “Truth” says: “One of the misconceptions towards Islam is that a rape victim gets punished, while the rapist gets unpunished and can walk away free. It is assumed by some that men in Islam can commit rape with impunity. Another lie anti-Muslim propagandists spread is that a victim who has been raped has to produce four witnesses in order for the rapist to get convicted and punished. Critics have never produced any evidence, either from the Quran or Hadith anywhere indicating that there has to be four eye-witnesses for a rapist to get punished. The only time when there has to be four eye-witnesses needed is for adultery, and this is practically impossible to convict anyone with.

The Prophet (p) stoned a man who had raped a woman. This is reported in Jami` at-Tirmidhi. The chapter of the narration goes like, “woman who is forced To commit adultery” i.e., rape:”

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  1. So the upshot is if you are a married muslim and a rapist you have the full backing of Sharia law?


  2. It is impossible to gain a conviction based on the evidence that is required. Four male Muslim witnesses viewing the actual penetration. Which world are you guys living in?


  3. The man confessed voluntarily in the hadith quoted but in real life one wonders if this would always be the case. I doubt it.


  4. Rapists prefer pleasure to pain on the whole.


  5. Maybe Mohammed had a magical effect on him which made him confess to his sin.


  6. hadith quoted by discover the “truth”:

    ““A women went out during the time of the Prophet to go to Salat, but she was caught by a man and he had relations with her, so she screamed and he left. Then a man came across her and she said: ‘That man has done this and that to me’, then she came across a group of Emigrants (Muhajirin) and she said: ‘That man did this and that to me.’ They went to get the man she thought had relations with her, and they brought him to her. She said: ‘Yes, that’s him.’ So they brought him to the Messenger of Allah, and when he ordered that he be stoned, the man who had relations with her, said: ‘O Messenger of Allah, I am the one who had relations with her.’ So he said to her: ‘Go, for Allah has forgiven you.’ Then he said some nice words to the man (who was brought). And he said to the man who had relations with her: ‘Stone him.’ Then he said: ‘He has repented a repentance that, if the inhabitants of Al-Madinah had repented with, it would have been accepted from them.’” (Jami’ at-Tirmidhi volume 3, Book 15, Hadith 1454 [Hadith is Hasan – Darrusalaam])”

    Just a few questions on this hadith:

    First, why did Mohammed not summon four witnesses to comply with the Quran?

    Why did Mohammed sentence this man to death before hearing him solely on the strength of the woman’s testimony?

    Is this supposed to be the model of justice? All wrong according to the law of Moses which demands two or three witnesses for a capital offense and a fair trial.

    This woman in the hadith is a muslim on her way to the mosque. I just wonder if it was a young non-Muslim on her way home from a party in the early hours of the morning if this hadith would protect her? Not much chance of that I think.

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One Response to Discover the “Truth” tries to fool us with a hadith that purportedly shows that Islam protects all women from rape

  1. θ says:

    Fornication is an act conducted on couple’s mutual consent, hence having two witnesses is not enough. Islam puts the appreciation of human’s consent above the penalty of sin. It is needed four witnesses to punish two consenting adulterer and adulteress.

    Appreciation of human’s consent above the penalty of sin is unique feature in Islam. Like or dislike, in terms of the personal freedom, Islam is quite liberal. One’s consent is stronger than the secular jurisprudence.

    On other hands, the rape is a violation of consent. Q.60, v.2 even further makes a description of those who hurt Moslems physically, that is they could be categorised as worst as the inciters for apostasy and atheism. Why? Because a victim may fall into another trap of Satan by questioning the Theodicy (Problem of Evil), namely why God didn’t help rescue her at time when she needed Him most.

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