Georgetown prof Jonathan Brown now says Islam forbids slavery and rape, but in 2015 said it allowed them, a post with comments, from

Georgetown professor Jonathan A. C. Brown is not interesting in himself, and so I am loathe to devote yet another post to him, but he is illustrative of so many things: the corruption of the academic establishment in general and Georgetown University in particular; the intellectual bankruptcy of Leftists and Islamic supremacists; the open and unapologetic hatefulness of the same, even as they preen about being “tolerant.” Now add the mendacity of contemporary academics and Islamic apologists, and especially Islamic apologist academics, to the list.

Brown’s recent lecture offering sly justifications for Islamic slavery and the rape of captured Infidel women has gotten a lot of attention; here is a good summary piece about the controversy from the Daily Caller. Under fire, Brown has backtracked completely:

That’s great, except it not only contradicts what he said in his speech last Tuesday; it also contradicts what Brown himself said in 2015 in Facebook discussions, in which he avowed that Islam approved of both slavery and rape.

There is much more on this here, from a Muslim site that takes issue with Brown as a “Salafi.” Note also the Rabia sign of support for the Muslim Brotherhood as his Facebook avatar.

If I said that Islam condoned slavery and the rape of captive Infidel women, Brown would call me an “Islamophobe” and a “subcreature.” But he says the same thing, or at least does so when he isn’t receiving negative media attention. That’s the Incoherence of the Academics these days.

Meanwhile, does Georgetown know what kind of monster it has on its faculty? More importantly, does Georgetown care? The Saudis give them several million reasons not to.


  1. billybob says

    February 11, 2017 at 5:14 pm

    It is outrageous that this man is in a position to influence impressionable youth. Whatever was Georgetown thinking when they hired him? And now they undoubtedly know what this man is all about, what are they going to do about it? Give him tenure I suppose…

  2. Paula B says

    February 11, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    So, on university campuses, people are being brow beaten for not using precisely the right language; for choosing ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes; university harassment policies are being written that use loose, subjective definitions of harassment; and yet this pitiful excuse for an academic is justifying crimes of great magnitude. You can argue that rape is fine, that female slaves have no sexual agency, but if a student gets the feeling that her prof looked at her funny, he’ll be up before a harassment tribunal before he can say ‘jihad’.

  3. Terry says

    February 11, 2017 at 5:42 pm

    Expanding upon Paula B–

    If a MALE STUDENT says something to a female student, that she (perhaps a day or two later) decides that was inappropriate-the male student can face legal issues. AND NOT IN A COURT OF LAW- BUT THE SCHOOLS OWN ‘ COURTS” -similar to the old USSR courts- guilty until proven innocent, with no right of counsel.

    or, if a female student has sex ( consensual sex) with a male, both of age) then decides the sex was not good- well she could cry rape. Same as above.



    (But Israel keeping lands it won in wars that it did not start is wrong; Jews hiring Arabs to work is wrong-but slavery in Muslim nations is fine.)

    The entire left is effing sick.

    Just my view

  4. Wellington says

    February 11, 2017 at 5:51 pm

    Every Muslim, no exception, is a confused human being, only the degree of confusion is a variable. If you think that that seventh-century psychopath, Mohammed, was the last and greatest of the prophets and that the Koran, filled with hatred towards non-believers as it is on almost every page and horribly repetitive and immensely boring too, is the unadulterated word of some supreme deity, then you are deficient as a human being. Again, no exception.

    But to actually grow up a non-Muslim, as this doofus professor at Georgetown did, and then as an adult convert to Islam, is evidence of a degree of foolishness which leaves one searching for words to characterize such foolishness. I mean this goes way beyond “mere” confusion. It bespeaks of an aberrancy of mind so profound, so extensive, that one is at a loss for words to describe it. Compounding this massive error where this silly professor is concerned is that he obviously was well educated, and so he is even more culpable for his stupid decision as an adult to convert to Islam than some poor slob who had little to no formal education and did so.

    No Muslim has “their act together,” just as no Nazi or Marxist ever did. But some exculpation can be made for those who, from infancy and childhood, were brought up with an enormously aberrant ideology. But no exculpation can be extended to someone like Professor Brown, who stands clearly, three-dimensionally like, as a fool to the core of his being.

    But it is even worse than this. Oh yes. Professor Brown stands as a MALICIOUS fool, one who clearly, indubitably, should have known better———————but who didn’t. The sin upon his head forever for this because when you have more than enough information to not align with evil, and Islam is the longest-lived malevolent ideology of all time, but you still do, then no benefit of the doubt should be extended to such a person. For instance, the pathetic human being who is Professor Brown.

  5. Will Doohan says

    February 11, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    To the Left, everything practiced by other cultures, no matter how evil, is morally acceptable. They save all of their hatred for ‘the West’ and White males.

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