Sharia for Dummies, a video from the Masked Arab

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2 Responses to Sharia for Dummies, a video from the Masked Arab

  1. θ says:

    The Shari’ah Law can be articulated as the effort of good works to establish a temporal happiness under Allah in this temporal world. Certainly we won’t live forever in the world. Hence, either the success or the failure of implementing the Shari’ah law won’t affect the higher purposes of life of any Moslem.
    Precondition to enter the Heaven in Afterlife is one’s Monotheism. Requirement to pass thru the Hell is one’s good works. Any righteousness that complies with or goes in the participation of the Shari’ah Law has a more greater exponential values.

    The Shari’ah Law offers a consolation for each Moslems with a hope that our life can be as successful as the most powerful and luckiest persons combined which the world ever knows. But hardly this gonna happen in this world soon. The world just selectively rewards or compensates the obsessive ones who don’t hesitate to “sacrifice” the others as many as possible for raising to the top.

    Thru the Shari’ah Law, Moslems just do what the world doesn’t expect us to do: leaving aside a yoke or routine of obsession that enslaves us. It is kind of “Out of the box” decision. In terms of 5 times prayers, five times Moslems leave aside the worldly yoke thru ablutions and then restarting again the act of re-building the world to be a better place thru prayers.

  2. θ says:

    The basic concept conveyed by the Shari’ah Law is that there’s a chance each day for every person to find refuge in God along the way, as well as to ensure the choice to negate this enslaving world is possible.

    In terms of 5 times prayers – as the most substance of the Shari’ah Law – we can read from Qur’an that the most technical illustration of prayer in Qur’an is given ironically in the context of warfare per Q.4, v.102. By so, Qur’an wants to convey the important wisdom that this callous world is practically as a great field of wars, a valley of death, even as realm of slavery (Slave Market) that we mostly don’t realise, nevertheless it’s also a greater sin to be deserters or tempting God to escape this world.

    Idea of finding refuge in God is important. God is more than Paradise.
    Nobody can afford to bring himself into Heaven nor help any other persons enter the Heaven, except God alone. Now, the substantial way to find refugee in God is openly available here in this world.
    Suppose that a man by his efforts is able to reach and stand in front the door of Heaven for more than 100,000 eons, yet nobody can make him enter the Paradise except Allah. With the Shari’ah Law the Moslems would be able to understand Islam as religious experience.

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