Islam & ISIS – Muslim infighting & “takfir”, a video from the Masked Arab

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  1. θ says:

    Just as the Medieval Crusaders are perversion of the “nonviolent” Christ, ISIS is a perversion of Islam. ISIS is Neo-Takfiris. Let alone to have takfired the staunch Moslems, even Prophet Muhammad is quite soft toward the known Hypocrites. Let alone to have enslaved the female Christians, even Prophet Muhammad doesn’t impose any Jizya upon the monks of Sinai.

    It is worth it to note, that historically the Khwarijites (Takfiris) had once emerged and quickly faded out after one or two generations, due to a self-conflict internally of hyper-puritanism, and they were notoriously known to kill Moslems numerously more than the Non-Moslems.

    Since no one of Takfiris can be infallibly immune from any of sins, temptations, mistaken decisions et cetera, thus practically no one of Takfiris can be spared from a shadow of daggers, swords, and scimitars of other Takfiris who continuously await or keep expecting the others to slip, then getting them beheaded, and then replacing their position.

    Impact of Khwarijites:
    – Prophet Muhammad is even not so immune from Khwarij’s verbal criticism (on the issue of spoil’s portions, per Q.3, v.161).

    – Ali Ibn Abu Talib is killed or martyred by the Khawarij due to his decision of commuting the sin of the Moslems who staged a coup on Uthman.

    – Aisha is considered by Khwarijites as a female infidel due to her decision to end the war against the caliphate of Ali.

    – Uthman is considered as apostatised caliph due to his leaning to monarchy.

    – Pragmatic arbitrators (Peacemakers) in early Islam having concern to avoid the bloodier civil wars are condemned by the Khwarijites as apostates or infidels, such as Muawiyya, Talha, Zubayr, Amr, etc.

  2. θ says:

    Exceptional places of the conquest by Jihad (places where the Jihadists lacked the radicalisation arguments, precedence, motivation and link to early Moslems).
    – Coastal lines of the eastern Africa even though its position is nearby the city of Makkah.

    – Sinaitic monks who meet the Moslem forces at the outskirt of the Tabouk region.

    – South-eastern Asians.

    – Mongols.

    – Xinjiang Chinese.
    Introduction of Islam 616-18 AD
    The Huaisheng Mosque is a mosque, whose construction is attributed to the Prophet Muhammad’s second cousin, Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas.
    According to Chinese Muslims’ traditional legendary accounts, Islam was first introduced to China in 616-18 AD by Sahaba (companions) of Prophet Muhammad : Sa`d ibn Abi Waqqas, Sayid, Wahab ibn Abu Kabcha and another Sahaba.[6] Wahab ibn abu Kabcha (Wahb abi Kabcha) may have been be a son of al-Harth ibn Abdul Uzza (also known as Abu Kabsha).[7] It is noted in other accounts that Wahab Abu Kabcha reached Canton by sea in 629 CE.[8]
    Sa`ad ibn Abi Waqqas, along with three Sahabas, namely Suhayla Abuarja, Uwais al-Qarani, and Hassan ibn Thabit, returned to China from Arabia in 637 by the Yunan – Manipur – Chittagong route, then reached Arabia by sea.[9] Some sources date the introduction of Islam in China to 650 AD, the third sojourn of Saad ibn abi Waqqas,[10] when he was sent as an official envoy to Emperor Gaozong during Caliph Uthman’s reign.

  3. θ says:

    Q.9, v.5 is not absolute, doesn’t abrogate other peaceful verses either, even it is made limited by other fighting verse, namely Q.9, v.12.
    The Caliph Umar destroys Persia but spares the Yazidis (as well as Eastern Africans) not in accordance to Q.9, v.5 but on the pretext of Q.9, v.12 that permits a selective assassination of the “heads of snakes” (Aimat alKufr).
    Q.9, v.12 And if they break their oaths after their treaty and insult your religion, then fight the leaders of disbelief, for indeed, there are no oaths to them; so that they might restrain.

    Islamic theologians interpret Q.9, v.12 as a selective duty of destroying the heathen empires but sparing the controllable regimes.

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