Dr Zakir Naik or Christian Prince you decide who is right about the six or eight day creation of the Koran

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4 Responses to Dr Zakir Naik or Christian Prince you decide who is right about the six or eight day creation of the Koran

  1. θ says:

    Implicitly the heaven was already existing in the first 2 days, but not as a firmament (according to the Bible), just as one gaseous element. Modern Astronomy confirms this Qur’anic fact, but considers the Biblical one as mythology.

    The heaven was made by God as one “gaseous material” during 2 earlier days of separation from the old earth, and then God left the heaven so untouched until 4th day, and then after 4th day God split one existing gaseous heaven (during 2 last days) into seven heavens.

    Tabari, History, Vol 1, Part 13, p.213-216.
    I was told by Muthanna b. Ibrahim, Abdallah b. Salih Abu Ma’shar, Sa’id b. Abi Said, ‘Abdallah b. Salim: God began with the creation on Sunday. He created the earths on Sunday and Monday. He created food and the firmly Anchor on Tuesday and Wednesday. He created the (seven) heavens on Thursday and Friday, and He finished in the last hour of Friday, in which He created Adam in haste [Q.21:37]. That is the hour in which the Hour will come.
    Ibn Mas’ud and some companions of the Prophet: He meaning our Lord made seven earths in two days, Sunday and Monday. He made on them “firmly Anchor, lest (the earth) shake you up.” [Q.16:15 and 31:10] He created the mountains on the earth and the food to provide for its inhabitants and its trees and whatever is required for it, on two days, Tuesday and Wednesday. “Then, He stretched out straight toward heaven, which was smoke, [Q.41:11] and made it into one heaven. Then He split (this one created heaven) up into seven heavens on two days, Thursday and Friday.

  2. θ says:

    Human eyes can see the sprinkling stars from the earth because the earth’s Atmosphere is strong enough to focus the lights at night. The atmospheric oxygen was formed after the earth got inhabited by the single-celled life that produced or extracted oxygen to the sky.

    Adornment of the outer-space lights for the earth by a ceiling (Atmosphere) of the 1st heaven.
    Q.41, v. 12 Hence, He completed it seven heavens in Two Days and He made in each heaven its affair. And We adorned the nearest heaven with lamps to be an adornment as well as to guard. Such is the Decree of Him the All-Mighty, the All-Knower.

    The stars can be seen visibly sprinkling by the eyes from the earth – at the night – because of filtering function of the Atmosphere’s layers before arriving at our eyes. But the stars fade away when the sun’s light begins to dominate in the morning.
    With a same optical obstruction, in the outer-space where there’s no such a “night” (since the sun always appears), two exposures of light – the 1st by sun and the 2nd by reflection by the moon, and earth – are so extremely bright, without getting shielded or filtered by the Atmosphere whatsoever, hence those lights saturate and blind the eyes’ sighting.
    One needs to stand far enough from the sun, moon and planets before seeing the stars unsaturated. Even the astronauts can’t see many stars from the moon’s ground because the moon just has a weak atmospheric layer, also their eyes were still blinded by the bright reflections from the surfaces of the earth and moon.
    Other method to see stars in the outer-space is to use a camera that is equipped with a gyroscope that keeps its gaze unbroken for extended periods of time without flinching or losing focus.That’s why on certain space photos, we get pictures of the star’s light which were taken by a camera with highly sophisticated imaging system.

    Qur’an views on the origin of the universe are compatible with science, whereas the Bible can’t be interpreted in light of modern scientific fact.
    According to the Moslem’s view, Qur’an and the earliest Islamic traditions do teach that the earth and the heaven were once one. Furthermore, Qur’anic verses on the creation of the universe do not leave scientific problems. The religious acceptance that heavens and constellations were created before the earth would find a support from all reputable scientists. Hence, Islam leaves us with more solutions than problems.

  3. السلفية says:

    Stupid CP is illiterate.
    One Heaven was already created in two Days – by separating the single element to be two parts one heaven and one earth – so that Allah mounts up on Thursday upon “one existing Heaven”.

    Thursday is so important for Moslems in Islam because that’s a day when the divine ascension happens.

    Allah doesn’t ascend upon one earth but upon one heaven in the form of smoke.

    After the ascension, On the same Thursday and on the Friday God makes one heaven to be seven heavens.

  4. السلفية says:

    Thursday is so important for Moslems in Islam because that’s a same day when the divine ascension upon one existing heaven happens.

    Moslems are recommended by Prophet Muhammad to do fasting both on Monday and on Thursday.

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