It is the disturbing view of Islam that a girl is ready for marriage as soon as she has her first menstruation

With the onset of puberty the physical and mental changes in the female have reached a new stage of development. It is however evidently plain to the unbiased observer that the physiological and mental development of the female cannot have reached a stage at the onset of puberty where it could be said that the female is ready for marriage. This is just a plain fact that is evident to all that it is impossible for a female of nine years of age to have reached the end of her growth process, both physically and mentally. She is just reaching a new stage. It is a law of nature. One which Mohammed broke.

To me this is another disturbing and dangerous facet of Islam which just shows how desperate it is to rule regardless of the consequences in terms of ruined lives.

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4 Responses to It is the disturbing view of Islam that a girl is ready for marriage as soon as she has her first menstruation

  1. θ says:

    “Liberal” may be the term for it. Islam allows a method of parenthood planning in marriage, known as “Azl” which was primarily practiced so rampantly on the Non-Moslem wives selectively. Early Moslems know better that having the inter-religious parents must be very bad and shocking for the kid’s psychology.

    Yes, in Hadith it is preferred for the Moslem men to marry the young woman in order to “fondle” each other, but with a parenthood planning of prolonging Azl in their mind, until the wives turn much more mature and ready for having children.

    Nevertheless, similar to Azl, the Secularism itself actually imposes such a civilisation pressure of “parenthood planning”, as if each girl were implanted with an “unseen” contraceptive device against her will until she gets 19-21 years old.

  2. θ says:

    The permission of marriage-with-Azl on the young woman helps prevent the chance of getting the sickness of Homosexual deviation for boys and girls from the early ages.

  3. marthaleyton says:

    Can you tell me the prohibition in Koran, not ahadith, of the pedophilia? I need one for my knowledge of Islam.
    In fact, this verse goes even further than “marriage and intercourse” with prepubescent girls. It speaks not of only one marriage, but about the waiting period between two marriages. In other words, the Qur’an endorses explicitly that (usally much older) Muslim men can marry eight or nine or ten year old girls, have sex with them, then divorce them and – after a waiting period of three months – other (older) men can marry them, and have sex with them. That would be a traumatic experience for any girl. (And, potentially, this could be repeated several times without violating Islamic law.)
    Even though one cannot summarily label every child-bride marriage as child-abuse, many or even most of them are indeed abusive and traumatic for those girls (both physically and psychologically, see the evidence in the below listed articles). However, as Maududi recognized, because of the “divine revelation” in S. 65:4, (orthodox) Muslims cannot even legislate against this kind of child-abuse nor punish it, at least in a Sharia framework.
    Certainly, this alone should be a sufficient reason to reject Sharia as the law for any country, to object strongly against the introduction of Sharia law in not traditionally Muslim countries, and for enlightened Muslims to campaign for its restriction or replacement in countries where Sharia is currently the basis of national law.
    However, manipulating the text to cover up what it really says is not acceptable. Genuine progress can only be made on the basis of knowledge and truth and dealing with the facts.
    Jochen Katz

  4. θ says:

    “marthaleyton says: Can you tell me the prohibition in Koran, not ahadith, of the pedophilia? I need one for my knowledge of Islam.”

    As far as I know, Qur’an gives many verses concerning the marriage with woman after her puberty:
    (i) Q.4, v.6. about the Age of Marriage.
    (ii) Q.24, v.59 about Tafl (underage kids) that reaches the puberty.
    (iii) Q.78, v.33 about the marriage with the woman whose physical reaches maturity after her puberty.
    (iv) Q.65, v.4 about a waiting time “Iddah” for the underage girl, it is until she emits her first menstruation from their womb.
    Q.65, v.4. Those who have passed the age of monthly courses months your women if you are in uncertainty about it their waiting-period it is three months. And those who have not had yet menstruation and whosoever is pregnant, *their* terms is till pouring out *their* burden. Whoever keeps from disobedience to God in reverence for Him and piety, He makes his affair easy for him.

    Woman’s menstruation is regarded similar to the pregnancy, it is releasing out something from the woman’s womb and vagina.

    Therefore, the Iddah (the waiting time when the marriage is yet forbidden to conduct) for the underage girl in Islam is until she reaches her puberty, that is, when she releases her menses.

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