Muhammad with Son’s Wife

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One Response to Muhammad with Son’s Wife

  1. θ says:

    Please set your story right first. Zayd was once a slave of Khadijah. Zayd is neither biological son of Khadijah nor of Prophet Muhammad. Zayd’s father is Harithah ibn Sharahil from Najd, hence Zayd is not a Mekkan. After being Khadijah’s slave, Prophet Muhammad enslaved Zayd several years.
    After Zayd’s father Harithah ibn Sharahil finds him in Mekkah and wishes to ransom him, Zayd rather chooses to stay as a slave. In order to comfort the feeling of his grieved father, as solution Prophet Muhammad liberates Zayd and makes him an adoptee of Khadijah’s household.

    Hence, If Zayd were son of Prophet Muhammad, how can a father and mother enslave their son for many years?

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