Islam and ISIS, part 1 from the Masked Arab

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4 Responses to Islam and ISIS, part 1 from the Masked Arab

  1. θ says:

    That’s boring. Moslems, historians, religious leaders, and Western leaders all confirm unapologetically there’s indeed a distinct radical element from within our Moslem world historically even since the earliest times of Islam. Nobody denies that.

    However, on terms of the intensity, the weaponry of ISIS is too poor, just 0.1% below that of Iraq and Syria, 0.01% below that of Russia and China. What ISIS can do at most is just a sporadic anarchy.

    On term of geopolitics, for the Western military industry, nevertheless ISIS is something “necessary” until the new competent enemy comes, lest their steels turn to forks and plough rather than swords, and military-men turn to be jobless criminals and gangsters. Jihad saves them from being thugs. For Israel, it would mean Jews are no more needed by the US.

  2. Anonymous says:

    No one is benefited by and understanding more about a valuable Jihad except the military industry itself, from weapon manufacturers, arms dealers, soldiers, private security firms, intelligence agency, to the political analysts and think-tank groups.

    The foremost military capability of the radical groups is just to bleed periodically, not to permanently conquer the West, not even til 100-200 years ahead.

  3. θ says:

    No, Except they the militants get a nearby shortcut of taking over the warhead and nukes from Israel.

  4. θ says:

    Similar to the Hollywood movies on the global organisation of terror, the Khawarij movement aims to be a single private consortium of global mayhem, staging terrors and crime on the places where the clients and higher bidders paid most. As a shadow organisation it would like to provide fake information thru propaganda machine as well. The group gets benefited by the price of maintaining the conflicts, the payments of post-war rebuilding, and dividends of running a business of humanitarian crisis such as immigration.

    The Khawarijites are not caliphate claimers, they are the killers of caliph.

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