Mohammed’s Christian Female Slave

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3 Responses to Mohammed’s Christian Female Slave

  1. I wonder if Joseph Smith got his inspiration from this episode of Muhammad’s uncontrolled lust, and the use of convenient “revelations” to quell the objections to his boorish behavior.

  2. θ says:

    What’s wrong with giving a sexual happiness under a condition of coitus interruptus for the slaves? It would make them forget the suffering even though temporarily. At least they could enjoy a happy time. Life is already cruel and boring for the women.

    Practice of polygamy during the time of Prophet Muhammad is a prelude for the eternal Polygamy in Heaven. Like or dislike, each Moslem man and woman would be ready for that.

  3. θ says:

    Nothing’s wrong and love is always right. Helping the slaves make it through the night is not wrong.
    Loneliness can get someone down, especially when they get to thinking no one cares.

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