The basics of Islam 1: Robert Spencer on “Islamophobia”

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2 Responses to The basics of Islam 1: Robert Spencer on “Islamophobia”

  1. θ says:

    Islamophobes mourn for American victims, French victims, et cetera in national scale when bombing occurs in the West, but the same Islamophobes danced and mock Moslem victims when the bombing occurs in Moslem nations.

  2. θ says:

    Since they are technically at war with the West in Syria and Iraq, the Khawarijites would like to hurt, harm, rape the women in the West, along with snatching, trafficking, and making them their sex slaves as a lucrative business.
    The Khawarijites do what they used to do, that is takfiring and harming the ordinary Moslems from inside (including new converts, poor immigrants, and Moslems in the West) as much as they can. Khawarij movement acts as a paid “black ops” serving the Islamophobes’ propaganda and warmongering agenda. Those ordinary Moslems whom the Khawarijites victimised just experience what our early caliphs had suffered.

    Similar to the Hollywood movies on the global organisation of terror, the Khawarij movement aims to be a single private consortium of global mayhem, staging terrors and crime on the places where the clients and higher bidders paid most. As a shadow organisation it would like to provide fake information thru propaganda machine as well. The group gets benefited by the price of maintaining the conflicts, the payments of post-war rebuilding, and dividends of running a business of humanitarian crisis such as immigration.

    The Khawarijites are not caliphate claimers, they are the killers of caliph.

    The separation of Moslems and Khawarijites has occurred since the early time of caliphate. The series of footage of ISIS’ testimony of praising the horrible crime is very much useful to prove how the Khawarijites evolve from the old way of takfiring and harming the ordinary Moslems, especially caliphs first to a brand new way of terrorising the Non Moslems and everyone.

    As adage says, do not rock the boat, shouldn’t Israelis have thanked ISIS and their supporters because Israel and Israeli women remain exempt from the victims and targets of ISIS after year of years of their terrors?

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