Why this man left Islam

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One Response to Why this man left Islam

  1. θ says:

    Why does he recklessly declare a personal war against the whole Moslems? Not all Moslems can accept apostates to go unpunished alive, certain Moslems (usually the leaders) have the Afterlife duty to *purify* the community from the daring sinners, either by their own power, by their men, or even by their money (such as hiring a hitman). Please, apostates should not underestimate a great fear of Hell upon the hearts of the Moslem leaders.
    One leader’s feet is at a gate of Hell, the other feet is already inside a Heaven.
    If a leader dies while allowing (or showing a pity) the daring sinners under his power, he can directly go on to fire of the Hell temporarily (as well as grave punishment) for a sin of not seriously committing, nor doing, his leadership’ responsibility which Allah has entrusted him to do.
    A leader may play a usual Taqiyya tactic by showing his smiling grins publicly or ambiguous silence on the stage toward the pride of those daring sinners, but at the back stage he has to redeem himself by actively not allowing the sinners to go unpunished, either by his hands, his men, or his money.

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