UK: Convert to Islam threw acid in face of mother of six, leaving her disfigured and blind in one eye

For years we have seen women who were not thought to be dressed modestly or who were believed to have transgressed against the family honor attacked with acid by Muslims in Pakistan. Now that savage ethos is coming to Western countries. But no one would have dared try to talk Billal Kidd Mujahedin out of converting to Islam. That would have been “Islamophobic.”

Carla Whitlock

“One of acid attack fugitive brothers ‘was already on the run from police for another crime,’” by Patrick Hill, Mirror, September 26, 2015 (thanks to Robert):

Acid attack suspect Billy Midmore was already on the run from police, it has been claimed.

The 22-year-old and his older brother Geoffrey, 26, have become Britain’s most wanted men after being accused of throwing acid in the face of mum-of-six Carla Whitlock, 37.

Billy, who also uses the name Billal Kidd ­Mujahideen after converting to Islam, fled the family home in South London after he was put on police bail three months ago, a source said.

Hampshire Police tonight refused to confirm or deny the claim that Billy that he was on bail at the time of the attack.

A cartel of South London gangsters have put £10,000 bounties on each of their heads since the horrific attack in Southampton nine days ago.

Carla may be blinded. She has had a corneal transplant, but doctors are “not hopeful” she will see again.

A pal of the brothers told the Sunday People: “The pair of them need to be stopped now before someone else gets hurt. They’re out of control.”

On Tuesday – four days after the acid attack – Billy posted a graphic on Facebook, which said: “Imagine if I passed away.

“If you don’t care, stop reading.

“If you’d come to my funeral like this.

“If you’d miss me, comment.

“If you’re not scared, repost and see who your real friends are.”

Above the Facebook post, he wrote: “Who’s real, who’s not”.

Carla suffered significant burns to her face, neck and arms and may end up losing her sight following the attack in outside the Turtle Bay bar and restaurant last Friday night.

She was with her boyfriend when it is claimed the Midmore brothers, who were wearing black hoods and bandanas, threw a highly corrosive substance in her face.

They hurled around 200ml of acid so corrosive that firefighters were called to the scene and had to use a hose to wash the chemical from the pavement.

It melted the skin on her face, arms and neck and may have left her permanently blinded in her right eye….

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One Response to UK: Convert to Islam threw acid in face of mother of six, leaving her disfigured and blind in one eye

  1. θ says:

    I don’t know if it is a norm in the past, but in today’s generations mostly the male converts to Islam oftentimes get radicalised so easily. Why? Because somewhat they are presurred directly or indirectly to “prove themselves” by showing their overzeal. That is, to impress his new friends, or perhaps to impress his future Moslem wife and his future father-in-law.
    That weird behavior of overzeal for a show-off is not encouraged by Islam.

    The female converts to Islam are relatively cool without having a tremendous pressure to “prove” her faith to other Moslems.

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