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The law of expediency is the law which governs abrogation in Islam

Whatever benefits Islam is the law that applies at any given moment at any given time at any given place. The problem of abrogation is only a problem as to how Islam relates to the outside world. It is not … Continue reading

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Marxists and Islamists both portray themselves as an oppressed victim class

Expressly for the purpose of camouflaging a naked quest for power by any means, ethical or unethical, in the form of a legitimate response to oppression. This lends the aggressor, in this case the Marxist or the Islamist ( more accurately … Continue reading

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WikiIslam on the subject of Paedophilia in Islam

From Definition of Pedophilia Pedophilia (US) or paedophilia (UK) is the paraphilia of being sexually attracted to prepubescent or peripubescent children.[1] A person with this attraction is called a pedophile or paedophile. Some pedophiles are sexually attracted to children … Continue reading

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In Islam the right of self-defence is the right and duty to attack the non-Muslims first

The best form of defence is the pre-emptive attack. Mohammed knew this as well as any other military leader. The only time he didn’t follow this principle was when the Muslims did not have the power to carry it out. … Continue reading

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Islam judges people by what they believe and not how they behave

The greatest sin in Islam is a thought crime. It something that someone has inside his head. His worldview or Weltanschauung. If this worldview is wrong Islam treats the human being that holds it as a piece of scum who … Continue reading

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Sam Shamoun shows us more vulgarity in the Koran

Hey bro, here is some more pornographic filth from the Islamic sources in order to silence Muslim polemicists who like to twist biblical verses to their shame and destruction. Be careful, since it is graphic and degrading to the blessed … Continue reading

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Sam Shamoun on the vulgarity of the Koran’s account of the conception of Jesus

Since Williams just posted another assault against the Holy Bible, this time in regards to Luke’s birth narrative, I sent him this: I guess it’s time to pwn you again. Enjoy! It is surprising that Muslims would raise this as … Continue reading

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Sam Shamoun responds to an ad hominem from Paul Bilal Williams

That inconsistent, deceptive Christophobe Williams reblogged another non-response to me where he attacks my character in order to prevent Muslims from listening to me, which is nothing more than the logical fallacy of poisoning the well. Since I know he … Continue reading

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Link to latest updates at Answering Islam

Hey bro, we just posted our latest updated where you will find a whole series of rebuttals to Shabir, Laurence Brown and Paul Williams. We even started a series on Jonathan Brown, one of Williams’ favorites, where I use him … Continue reading

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Osama Bin Laden is reported to have said: they kill our innocents, we kill their innocents

So why do apologists for Islam claim that killing an innocent human being is a breach of justice? They always accuse Christians of being saved by something that is morally reprehensible, namely the killing of the innocent human Jesus Christ. … Continue reading

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