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The things that Jesus didn’t know only prove that he was fully human. We can not conclude from this that he was not divine.

The famous example is the fig tree that he cursed because there was no fruit on it. There are, however, many other things that the human Jesus could not have known because they were not knowable by anyone living at the time … Continue reading

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In Christianity the power and grace of God is most perfectly displayed through the powerlessness and weakness of man in isolation from God

Absolute weakness is exemplified in death itself. Perhaps this is why Islam can not tolerate the God who dies on the cross. For Islam it would be the one act that would prove beyond any doubt his powerlessness and thus his non-existence. … Continue reading

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My comments on Koran 9.29 and 2.190 in response to BroShadid video on MDI which claims to refute David Wood on 9.29

The context of 9.29 provided in the video is just one possible scenario. The command can be obeyed in the context of other scenarios, including pre-emptive attacks on the people of the book which are not in retaliation to a … Continue reading

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Islam as theocratic Marxism or divinely instituted Redistributor and Administrator of wealth

Islam is a system to protect, apportion, increase and dispose of the wealth of the Muslim Male in this life and guarantee to him the wealth of Paradise in the next life. As a system it deals with the problem … Continue reading

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Islam as an ideology of class warfare

Long before Marx and Lenin Mohammed already invented Islam as a class warfare ideology. In 7th century Arabia instead of classes being at war with each other, as Marx and Lenin conceived them, the different tribes of the desert were … Continue reading

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The fatal flaw in the theory of unbloody atonement is the priest himself. No sacrifice, whether bloody or otherwise, could be offered without the priest.

The priest himself had to be cleansed and consecrated by blood otherwise he could not serve in the sanctuary. So the fact that a poor man could offer a non-bloody sin offering does not prove that a non-bloody sin offering … Continue reading

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Only a voluntary sacrifice of one’s life to Jesus is worthy of him. There is no place for compelling belief by law under threat of the death penalty as this is unworthy of Jesus.

This is why Jesus never forced anyone to follow him or to stay with him. Only those who follow him wholeheartedly, willingly and gladly are worthy of him. It is only these whom he desires to walk with him. The … Continue reading

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Noah’s imprecatory prayers to Allah as the normal Muslim attitude towards unbelievers. Delayed punishment of the unbelievers is not the will of Allah and disadvantageous for the Ummah.

Surah 71: “Noah said, “My Lord, they have disobeyed me and followed those whose riches and children only increase their ruin; who have made a great plan, saying, Do not renounce your gods! Do not renounce Wadd, Suwa, Yaghuth, Ya’uq, … Continue reading

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That the Jesus Christ of the New Testament is the Messiah promised in the Old Testament is proved by the agreement between the descriptions of the personage in each. In both he is…………..

The Seed of the woman (Gen 3.15, Psalm 22.10, Micah 5.3, Gal 4.4, 1 Tim 2.15, Rev 12.15) Born of a virgin ( Isa. 7.14, Matt 1.23, Luke 1.26-35 ) Of the family of Shem ( Gen 9.26-27 ) Of … Continue reading

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