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The Father is greater than I saying of Jesus and the Pauline description of the subjection of the Son to the Father.

KJV John 14 v 25 These things have I spoken unto you, being yet present with you. 26 But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever … Continue reading

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Muslim protagonists try and defend Allah’s reputation by claiming that only doers of great moral evil were killed by Allah after the the preaching of Nuh. The Koran gives the lie to this claim.

[21.76] And Nuh, when he cried aforetime, so We answered him, and delivered him and his followers from the great calamity. [21.77] And We helped him against the people who rejected Our communications; surely they were an evil people, so … Continue reading

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Allah never allows a tower to fall upon the innocent, at least not in the pages of the Koran. How about in the real world?

Jesus said to his disciples as recorded in Luke 13 v “1 There were present at that season some that told him of the Galilaeans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices. 2 And Jesus answering said unto them, Suppose ye that … Continue reading

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Do Muslims limit God’s oneness to what the finite rational mind of man can comprehend about the oneness of God?

To exclude the possibility of the Trinity we would have to know all the properties of God’s oneness as they exist in God himself. However if we knew everything about the oneness of God our knowledge of his oneness would … Continue reading

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Laws against inflammatory Imams and the mob rule of Islam.

Exodus 23 v 1-9, kjv: “Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness. Thou shalt not follow a multitude to do evil; neither shalt thou speak in a cause … Continue reading

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The imprecatory prayer of a righteous prophet of Islam.

Surah 71: 26. And Nuh (Noah) said: “My Lord! Leave not one of the disbelievers on the earth! This is the ultimate aim of Islam, the religion of peace. Not peaceful co-existence. 27. “If You leave them, they will mislead Your slaves, … Continue reading

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Why did Allah not predestinate the people to believe in order to save them? How can Allah send people to hell solely on the grounds of their thoughts and not their deeds?

In Islam the only reason that men go to hell is that they refuse to believe in Allah and his messenger. Messengers are repeatedly sent to mankind to proclaim that Allah is the only God and Mohammed is his messenger. … Continue reading

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