Islam, religion of Schadenfreude.

Schadenfreude is the german word for the all-too-human habit of deriving enjoyment from the suffering of others. If we look at how the kuffar (non-Muslim) is treated in the Islamic scriptures the only thing that happens to the kuffar in this world is that is that they get physically harmed or debased by the Muslims or swept away in judgement by Allah, who then tortures them in hell for ever. Once under the power of the Muslim if they did not convert they were reduced to servitude, banished or killed. Is that tolerance? Where was tolerance shown to the non-Muslim by Mohammed? He may have forgiven a few people but what is that compared with the thousands that were slaughtered on his orders? Any tolerance shown by Islamic Sharia to the kuffar is of a punitive nature designed to publicly denigrate them, prevent them from any open practice of their religion, and place a punishing burden of taxation upon them. This shows that the religion of Allah is superior and that makes Muslims happy, SCHADENFREUDE.

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