The Islamic tribal mindset of hatred, mistrust and strife.

A  Muslim lives with his body in the present and his mind in the past. He is living in the tribal society of Mohammed. He is thinking the thoughts of Mohammed. He is living inside the struggle of Mohammed. There were only two tribes in the tribal society of Mohammed: the Muslim and the non-Muslim. The Muslim is a member of the Muslim tribe. The non-Muslim tribe of kuffar includes Christians, polytheists, atheists and all other non-Muslims of any religious persuasion. The tribes of Mohammed’s day were driven by hatred and mistrust of each other. There was no peace or stability as we know it in a modern democratic state.

Once Mohammed gave up the attempt to attain political power by a voluntary recognition of his prophetical status he realised the need to motivate his followers to maintain a sufficient number of mujahadeen who would fight and die for him. This he did by inculcating the following concepts in to the minds of his followers:

1. The history of the Old Testament was the history of the prophets, warners and the judgements of Allah. He was the last prophet and a warner. Allah destroys and sends to hell those who do not heed the warners by repenting, believing and returning to the right path.

2. A kuffar is evil,  23:97: “And say: Oh my Lord! I seek refuge with You from the suggestions of the evil ones ( kuffars ). And I seek refuge with you, my Lord, from their presence.”

There are many other derogatory sayings about the kuffar in the Koran and hadith. They are all used to demonize and demean the non-Muslim. This is the method that Islam uses to incite and fill the Muslim with hatred and rage against the kuffar. It is sad that many Muslims fall in to this trap. Mohammed knew how to manipulate human nature.

2. The duty of Muslims is to fight and kill the non-Muslims and to conquer the land for Allah, 9 v 29: “Make war on those who have received the Scriptures but do not believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and his messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the poll tax ( jizya ), and they are humiliated.

3. Those who refuse or are unwilling  to fight in the way of Allah are hypocrites and will go to hell.

33 v 12: “There  were the believers tried, and they were severely shaken. The hypocrites and the diseased of heart said, “Allah and His Messenger promised us only to deceive us.”

4. Those who fight and die in the way of Allah will be rewarded with paradise.

Can Muslims live in peace with non-Muslims?

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3 Responses to The Islamic tribal mindset of hatred, mistrust and strife.

  1. IbnAbuTalib says:

    We haven’t even finished our discussion in the previous thread and you’ve already decided to start a new one! How low can you get?

  2. madmanna says:

    Chickened out have you? Is that your excuse?

  3. θ says:

    Who hates who?
    Islam teaches Moslems to not hate both Christians and the Jews in generalising tone whenever they are taught to hate Islam and Moslems overall for what tiny minority radicals do.

    Here is a pattern:
    Anytime a radical terrorised the West, the Islamophobic groups would uncompromisingly unleash a wave of hateful reaction against Islam and all Moslem world entirely, which is a form of “collective terrorism” verbally against Islam and all Moslems everywhere, but “fortunately” (also thankfully) we Moslems consistently do not response back by equally hating *all* Christians and Jews everywhere for the acts of collective terror their fellow Islamophobes do.

    Otherwise, Had Islam truly *hated* the Jews and Christians, certainly Moslems would have blamed Christianity, Gospel, even Jesus for what several Western nations did disproportionately in Middle East (from the West’s pro-Israeli invasion since 1948 to the current West intervention of Syrian sectarian war). But, we Moslems don’t choose that path, because we are taught in Islam to not put the blame on a religion nor blame the innocent Non-Moslems for what their criminal group does.
    So, again who actually hates?

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