The Koranic Basis for the Murder of Lee Rigby, from Gates of Vienna

The Koranic Basis for the Murder of Lee Rigby

Michael Adebowale and Michael Adebolajo were found guilty of murder yesterday at the Old Bailey for the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby last May in Woolwich. Bloodstained notes written by Michael Adebolajo were used as evidence in the trial. The references to the Koran at the bottom of the notes include numerous exhortations to be obedient, to fight in the way of Allah, to “Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you” (9:123), and to “fight the minions of the devil” (4:76). They also include a verse directed specifically against Christians (9:31).

Nick of The Frozen North has taken the trouble to dig out all the cited verses. He includes this note:

Adebolajo is reported to have given a passerby a handwritten note at the scene of the crime. You’ll notice the references at the end of the note to verses in the Koran.

The verses are reproduced them below in the order Adebolajo, a.k.a. Mujahid Abu Hamza, has them at the bottom of his “manifesto” (I have used Marmaduke Pickthall’s translation which is, I believe, in the public domain and is freely available on the internet).

The Koranic verses cited by Michael Adebolajo:

Group 1: 4:69-76, 4:84, 9:41.

69 Whoso obeyeth Allah and the messenger, they are with those unto whom Allah hath shown favour, of the prophets and the saints and the martyrs and the righteous. The best of company are they!
70 That is bounty from Allah, and Allah sufficeth as Knower.
71 O ye who believe! Take your precautions, then advance the proven ones, or advance all together.
72 Lo! among you there is he who loitereth; and if disaster overtook you, he would say: Allah hath been gracious unto me since I was not present with them.
73 And if a bounty from Allah befell you, he would surely cry, as if there had been no love between you and him: Oh, would that I had been with them, then should I have achieved a great success!
74 Let those fight in the way of Allah who sell the life of this world for the other. Whoso fighteth in the way of Allah, be he slain or be he victorious, on him We shall bestow a vast reward.
75 How should ye not fight for the cause of Allah and of the feeble among men and of the women and the children who are crying: Our Lord! Bring us forth from out this town of which the people are oppressors! Oh, give us from thy presence some protecting friend! Oh, give us from Thy presence some defender!
76 Those who believe do battle for the cause of Allah; and those who disbelieve do battle for the cause of idols. So fight the minions of the devil. Lo! the devil’s strategy is ever weak. (4:69-76)
84 So fight (O Muhammad) in the way of Allah Thou art not taxed (with the responsibility for anyone) except thyself – and urge on the believers. Peradventure Allah will restrain the might of those who disbelieve. Allah is stronger in might and stronger in inflicting punishment. (4:84)
41 Go forth, light-armed and heavy-armed, and strive with your wealth and your lives in the way of Allah! That is best for you if ye but knew. (9:41)

Group 2. 9:24, 9:39, 9:46, 9:87, 9:93

24 Say: If your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren, and your wives, and your tribe, and the wealth ye have acquired, and merchandise for which ye fear that there will no sale, and dwellings ye desire are dearer to you than Allah and His messenger and striving in His way: then wait till Allah bringeth His command to pass. Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. (9:24)
39 If ye go not forth He will afflict you with a painful doom, and will choose instead of you a folk other than you. Ye cannot harm Him at all. Allah is Able to do all things. (9:39)
46 And if they had wished to go forth they would assuredly have made ready some equipment, but Allah was averse to their being sent forth and held them back and it was said (unto them): Sit ye with the sedentary! (9:46)
87 They are content that they should be with the useless and their hearts are sealed, so that they apprehend not. (9:87)
93 The road (of blame) is only against those who ask for leave of thee (to stay at home) when they are rich. They are content to be with the useless. Allah hath sealed their hearts so that they know not. (9:93)

Group 3. 9:67, 3:173, 47:20, 9:86, 9:31, 9:56-57, 8:5-6, 2:170

67 The hypocrites, both men and women, proceed one from another. They enjoin the wrong, and they forbid the right, and they withhold their hands (from spending for the cause of Allah). They forget Allah, so He hath forgotten them. Lo! the hypocrites, they are the transgressors. (9:67)
173 Those unto whom men said: Lo! the people have gathered against you, therefor fear them. (The threat of danger) but increased the faith of them and they cried: Allah is Sufficient for us! Most Excellent is He in Whom we trust! (3:173)
20 And those who believe say: If only a surah were revealed! But when a decisive surah is revealed and war is mentioned therein, thou seest those in whose hearts is a disease looking at thee with the look of men fainting unto death. Therefor woe unto them! (47:20)
86 And when a surah is revealed (which saith): Believe in Allah and strive along with His messenger, the men of wealth among them still ask leave of thee and say: Suffer us to be with those who sit (at home). (9:86)
31 They have taken as lords beside Allah their rabbis and their monks and the Messiah son of Mary, when they were bidden to worship only One God. There is no God save Him. Be He Glorified from all that they ascribe as partner (unto Him)! (9:31)
56 And they swear by Allah that they are in truth of you, when they are not of you, but they are folk who are afraid.
57 Had they but found a refuge, or caverns, or a place to enter, they surely had resorted thither swift as runaways. (9:56-57)
5 Even as thy Lord caused thee (Muhammad) to go forth from thy home with the Truth, and lo! a party of the believers were averse (to it).
6 Disputing with thee of the Truth after it had been made manifest, as if they were being driven to death visible. (8:5-6)
170 And when it is said unto them: Follow that which Allah hath revealed, they say: We follow that wherein we found our fathers. What! Even though their fathers were wholly unintelligent and had no guidance? (2:170)

Group 4. 3:160, 9:119, 9:123

160 If Allah is your helper none can overcome you, and if He withdraw His help from you, who is there who can help you after Him? In Allah let believers put their trust. (3:160)
119 O ye who believe! Be careful of your duty to Allah, and be with the truthful. (9:119)
123 O ye who believe! Fight those of the disbelievers who are near to you, and let them find harshness in you, and know that Allah is with those who keep their duty (unto Him). (9:123)

Group 5. 9:38, 2:216, 3:142

38 O ye who believe! What aileth you that when it is said unto you: Go forth in the way of Allah, ye are bowed down to the ground with heaviness. Take ye pleasure in the life of the world rather than in the Hereafter? The comfort of the life of the world is but little in the Hereafter. (9:38)
216 Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that ye hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that ye love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, ye know not. (2:216)
142 Or deemed ye that ye would enter paradise while yet Allah knoweth not those of you who really strive, nor knoweth those (of you) who are steadfast? (3:142)

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6 Responses to The Koranic Basis for the Murder of Lee Rigby, from Gates of Vienna

  1. Isah says:

    Islam is a cult…

  2. Bruce Ramsey says:

    If the Quran doesn’t allow for abrogation then it’s contradictory. By the way, here is my back and forth with a Muslim that wanted to know my full name today:

    Sanaulla Mohammad Nazrulla: Pseudo, Nallanyesmar, which source is it that gives you such filth?
    Nallan: It’s the sahih (sound/authentic) hadith of Bukhari that a Sunni has to believe in or not be a Sunni.
    Sanualla: Is that of your own making?
    Nal: No, for I didn’t write the Sunnah a Sunni Muslim is to follow.
    San: Do you know the importance of using all caps?
    Nal: Possibly.
    San: I do not think so.
    Nal: What’s that have to do about what Mo supposedly saw in hell or women being “deficient in intelligence” as
    one of the reasons for BEING in hell?
    San: So, to me looks like you are a guy trying your best to insult a section of society.
    Nal: How is pointing out what a sahih (sound/authentic) hadith an insult to a section of society? Are you a Shi’ite who doesn’t
    have to believe in the hadith, even if it IS sahih?
    San: If you differ, would you please give reference to your claims?
    Nal: Can’t just type into your web browser “Women are deficient in intelligence, Muhammad” to find it yourself? OR…do you not
    want to DO that?
    San: And you know your writing “a woman is able to marry two husbands..”
    Nal: OR…it’s rape when you take into account the “handing down” of 4:24 in Dawud 2:2150, yes.
    San: and 4:24 have no connection what so ever
    Nal: Then it HAS to be rape in Dawud 2;2150.
    San: and shows your intention is just a small time business of trickery?
    Nal: IF you think it’s trickery on my part, well, do you DARE read Quran 4:24, Dawud 2:2150 and “deficient in intelligence, Muhammad”
    by typing them into your web browser yourself?
    San: Do you think this gives you some importance resorting to such cheap publicity stunts?
    Nal: What, by getting Muslims to think and question what the Quran and Hadith actually say? I don’t know. I leave that up to God.
    San: You just throw some muck;
    Nal: Careful. For what I’ve quoted from comes from both the Quran as WELL as the sahih.
    San: and expect it to stick?
    Nal: I leave it up to God if it does.
    San: No.
    Nal: Well?
    San: Such things do not matter in this internet era.
    Nal: You hope? What if it does?
    San: With your blind hatred, you fail to understand and see you provide and become the route for intelligent people to read, research, know the truth and there you go,
    Nal: What?
    San: people like you crying out loud and clear:
    Nal: You seem to be talking like a Beat poet I know.
    San: many Christians are turning to Islam!
    Nal: IF so, I wonder if they know what they are getting themselves into.
    San: You provide free advertisements for Islam.
    Nal: Ok. How? How did I make Islam appealing to you? You don’t like women, true?
    San: It is beyond your pay grade to understand this right?
    Nal: Well, first give some examples of how I’m making Islam look appealing? Is it my bringing your attention to women in hell? Is it
    my bringing attention to Islam allowing for slavery? What? You don’t like African Americans? What is it?
    San: Please keep up the Islamo-phobia, the frenzy!
    Nal: Islamophobia makes people want to become Muslims? Interesting.
    San: Such things just show your cheap caliber!
    Nal: At making Islamophobia or making Islam look good by allowing for slavery, women thought of as deficient in intelligence and
    African American complaint being made null and void with Quran 4:24 with “forbidden to you are married women EXCEPT ‘what your right
    hand possess”? Which?
    San: And you should know such muck and mud slinging with no grounds exposes your hate and intentional propaganda!
    Nal: Hate and intentional propagand?
    San: I know that is your main purpose!
    Nal: Really? And, if it’s just to get Muslims to think and question the Quran? What would that mean to you?
    San: I am no one to question it,
    Nal: You should.
    San: you have the right as long as you do not harm others!
    Nal: Well, thank you. I intend to not harm others, unless getting them to question is harming to you.

    San: Pseud Nallanyesmar.
    Nal: Pseud?
    San: is this not your pseudonym and not your real name?
    Nal: Could be. I take it that you are using your full name? If so, you have to keep on defending Islam because your fellow Muslims
    know where you live, true?
    San: You seem to be rather upset when I, after all said what I think is true!.
    Nal: Upset about what?
    San: And may I know your name as in official records?
    Nal: Why? So you can send a pious Muslim to saw my head off to mind-less chants of “Allah is greater” if you don’t like what I say
    or ask about Islam?
    San: See? You confirm your dishonesty trying a foolish dramatization instead of a direct reply to my sincere question to give the source!
    Nal: Don’t like my thoughts interjected with your thoughts? Don’t the interjection of my thoughts with yours PROVE a direct reply? If
    not, how is it not?
    San: By your dramatization you confirmed your dishonesty!
    Nal: We’ll leave that up to our readers to find out if that’s true, ok? :)
    San: There is no room for such silliness.
    Nal: What’s silly about interjecting thoughts with others? What is a more clear way to show others that I am reading your words?
    You can certainly interject your thoughts with mine, can’t you? :)
    San: I want to ask you a simple question. You belong to Bhukari’s era?
    Nal: Don’t tell me. You are now one of the rapidly growing in number Quranis (Quran Only Muslims) who is no longer a Sunni and thus no
    longer has to believe or follow the Sunnah even IF it’s sahih (sound/authentic) Bukhari or Muslim, true?
    San: Just because you think and assume most “muslims” believe Sahi Bhkari is an authentic source,
    Nal: They don’t? How can they be Sunni Muslims if they don’t belive in sahih Bukhari? You mean you DON’T pull out a prayer rug and stick
    your patootie up in the air five times a day? You mean you DON’T wash your nose out three times in the morning from believing that
    Satan slept in it all night? You mean you DO believe the earth rotates and NOT the sun “running to a resting place, setting in a murky
    spring” to “ask/seek the permission to RISE again”? You mean, you DON’T believe an embryo is a “clot of congealed blood” and the
    mountains are used by Allah to keep down earthquakes created by the aggitation of the earth being “spread out like a carpet” on a giant
    fish called “Nun”? You mean Muhammad DIDN’T take a flying donkey like creature flight to talk Allah down from 50 prayers a day to the
    current five? IF you don’t believe such things then EXPLAIN THE HOOF PRINT OF MUHAMMAD’S FLYING DONKEY LIKE CREATURE AT THE AL AQSA
    San: it does not become the truth.
    Nal: If so, then how come every Imam I see in a mosque is preaching from Bukhari, especially the part about a Jew hiding behind a rock
    before the rock speaks out and tells the Muslim to come and kill the hiding Jew? How come?
    San: If anyone has lived in this modern era of mass and rapid communication, even a child knows the extent of distortions a simple sentence takes with in a matter of minutes or passing a few hands.
    Nal: IF that is true, then why should we trust those who supposedly memorize the Quran by heart?
    San: With this knowledge, what makes a seemingly exhibitionist educated man like you think what was compiled nearly 200 years of those
    incidents purported to have taken place are the truth and could be worth to believe.
    Nal: That’s a question I’d like to ask Sunnis who aren’t Quranis yet.
    San: It is after all hearsay right?
    Nal: Sounds like you are saying you don’t trust those who supposedly memorize the Quran by heart.
    San: I think you use it any way because it is just a matter of convenience so far as such things come in handy to promote your purpose
    or not, right?
    Nal: True on the former. For one thing, there are far more Muslims in this world who are not like you, but, are still Sunni and believe all the evil Bukhari and Muslim sahih (sound/authentic) hadiths that have Muhammad saying things that would result in oppressive, evil Sharia Law and, well, saying women are “deficient in intelligence” to just be the tip of the iceberg.

  3. Sam Shamoun says:

    Hey bro,

    I am posted these two comments,

    Fares, do yourself a favor and try accurately representing the argument made by Paulus. I know that this will be hard for you seeing that your example is Muhammad. Paulus DID NOT SAY that a word is not context related. Here is what he wrote, this time with added emphasis:

    “Nonsense. Now you are playing hard and fast with the facts. NEITHER I, nor Shamoun DENY THAT WORDS HAVE MORE THAN ONE MEANING. The problem is, that you find two seperate meanings from THE ONE GRAMMATICAL CONSTRUCT with two nouns GOVERNING THE ONE VERB. Somehow, the two nouns produce two seperate meanings even though they both use THE SAME VERB IN THE SAME GRAMMATICAL CLAUSE.”

    Now that I have refuted your straw man by showing that Paulus is actually making his point FROM THE CONTEXT OF THE SENTENCE, could you be so kind as to address his actual argument? Since the same verb is used in the same sentence to describe the action of two distinct groups or entities, on what basis do you therefore argue that the meaning of the verb doesn’t remain the same but changes, apart from your assumption that your non-existent deity doesn’t pray?

    BTW, all of the lame and pathetic arguments raised here to deny the fact that Muhammad’s god prays have been soundly refuted in the link I provided to my response to Ibn Unaware:

    In this link, you will find other links to the rest of my articles and rebuttals concerning this issue.

    It is therefore time for you Muhammadans to come clean and admit that your god (who in reality doesn’t exist except in your own imaginations) prays like his creatures do.

    In the comments section of Williams’ “response” to Rogers:

    However, I am afraid he will delete them. Therefore, in case he does so would you mind posting them for me there since I really want to expose Fares’ pathetic appeal to the Arabic Bible to prove his case?

    Lord bless you bro.

  4. Bruce Ramsey says:

    Hello, brother Shamoun. The Muhammadan I was talking to here tried diversion away (taqqiya) from my pressing him on Sunan Abu Dawud 2:2150 by posting scriptures from the Bible he felt were problematic. Instead of bothering to read them, I just asked him if he posted them to prove the Quran was true about the “Book” (Bible) being “Allah’s words” and CORRECT about Quran 5:48 saying the Quran “confirms whatever scripture that went before it” (Pickthal version). When he tried to then say the Bible was NOT the “Book”, that the Bible was corrupted, I told him that he then didn’t have to observe or follow Quran 4:136, 150, 151, 152, 2:285 and 40:70-72. That those scriptures were now lies about having to believe in ALL the “BOOKS of Allah” and “making no distinction between Allah’s books” (which would include the Bible again) would then mean he WOULDN’T be “far astray” and “dragged off into hell fire”. That he could also ignore Quran 10:94 and NOT come to me for my READING the “before Scriptures” (Bible). As it turned out, he started calling me a moron, a retard, and a psychopath. That I should “take my medication”. All of which made me smile. :)

  5. kay says:

    hahahahahahaha@ bruce………….you are good! lets not also forget to pray for them

  6. Bruce says:

    True that. ANYONE who has to stop five times a day, EVERY day, for the REST of their life to pull out a prayer rug and stick their patootie up in the air so their fellow Muslims won’t think they are “out of Islam” and have to be killed due to Muhammad saying “he who changes his religion (Islam)…KILL him”, REALLY needs our prayer for sure.

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