Paul Williams Apostasizes from Islam… Sort of!

Our good friend Paul Williams has returned to the blog-o-sphere ( to do what he does best, namely, distort the Holy Bible, selectively cite scholars, and ignore all the criticisms leveled against his prophet and religion.

Recently, Williams wished both myself and fellow blogger Ken a Merry Christmas (

He writes:

Paul Williams says:

December 25, 2013 at 2:12 pm

…and a Merry Christmas to Ken and Sam!

The problem with what Williams did is that Islam expressly prohibits Muslims from congratulating disbelievers on their holy days since to do so is to basically endorse their supposed idolatrous and false beliefs.

I informed Williams that his congratulating us on an event which commemorates and celebrates the incarnation of of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ was expressly forbidden in Islam, and even provided links to youtube clips where Muslims sternly warn their fellow Muhammadans that congratulating Christians by saying “Merry Christmas” is worse than fornication, alcoholism and murder.

Here is what I wrote:

Sam Shamoun says:

December 25, 2013 at 3:28 pm

And a Merry Christmas to you too! BTW, I am sure you know full well that your Salafi ikhwaan condemn and censure any Muhammadan from congratulating the kufaar on their holy days. This is why you are my favorite Muhammadan apologist since you sure know how to get everyone to turn against you!
Sam Shamoun says:

December 25, 2013 at 4:02 pm

In fact, according to this Salafi you are now worse than a fornicator, an alcoholic and a murderer!

Here is another clip for your viewing pleasure, one which shows that you have gone against the consensus of Islamic scholarship! In fact, according to this clip some of these same scholars would say you have now nullified your Islam by congratulating us on the birth of the Son of God!

Here is one more for you to meditate on:

Once again Williams, Merry Christmas! ;-)

Now instead of recognizing his gross error and repenting of it, Williams remained defiant and pretty much threw all of Islamic scholarship under the bus:

Paul Williams says:

December 25, 2013 at 5:24 pm

I dont care what those guys say I still say Happy Christmas to people!

Unfortunately for Williams his refusal to repent of his “sin” basically means that he is worse than a fornicator, alcoholic, and murderer and has therefore become an apostate. According to Islamic scholarship his refusal to recant of his “transgression” places Williams outside the fold of Islam. This means that Muslims can no longer support Williams or recommend his site to others, since doing so would mean that they condone what Williams did, and therefore share in his “crime” against Allah and his “messenger”.

FireShot Screen Capture #001 - 'The mysterious disappearance of Paul B_ Williams’ web-sites I apologeticsandagape' - apologeticsandagape_wordpress_com_2013_12_12_the-mysterious-disappearance-of-paul-b-williams-web-sit

Poor Williams. He was better off not returning to the blog-o-sphere since the more he writes, the more problems he brings upon himself.

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21 Responses to Paul Williams Apostasizes from Islam… Sort of!

  1. ali says:

    Hi to sam shsmoun I just want congratulation to brother eiliam bilal actually I was ex muslim but now I sm not muslim I converted to christianty even my family wife and my kids but I have problem to ho to church cox I am living in gulf country I can’t go to church please help me thanks brother sam

  2. Tony - Hazakim says:

    A word to Paul Williams : Stop this foolish mission Paul. Repent of your stubbornness and admit the falacious nature of Islam. Admit that you’ve been decieved. Admit that you made a fatal mistake. Admit that God, if He were to deal with you justly, would crush you for your lies and idolatry. And run, Paul Williams, to the risen Savior of whom the prophets spoke – Jesus the divine Son of God whom your false prophet denied (to his eternal shame and damnation). Either accept the atonement provided by the Messiah or carry the weight of your sin forever. You have been admonished. There is still time to escape the wrath to come.

  3. Padawuni - the seal of all sabers says:

    Paul Williams (and his muslim brothers) are mere sith (disbelievers). I have recieved revelations from Yoda which affirm all the previous revelations given. Truly, Muhammad was a jedi padawan and not a muslim as Paul claims.

    I have been given a book. And I challenge Paul to produce a single verse like the revelations I’ve been given. Otherwise he must admit that I am a prophet and that Jeda’ah is the true way.


    “Surely those who oft-provoke the Jedi shall be afflicted with many pains. Their slanders shall bite their tongues : Mediations of darkness shall smite (their own) heads : their schemes shall plot against them. Truly, Yoda, your master, is most benevolent and ever-perceiving.” The Imperial Jedian Scroll – Book 2:18

    “When the sith (disbelievers) are defeated in battle, they shall bury their sabers in the sand and say “we are but mogo herdsmen – we know not the way of war”- but they are afraid of you young padawan. It is fitting for you, and not prohibited, that you should smite them – both hands and feet, ears and nose – and all extremities. Their blood is safe vouched for you until their provinces submit to Jeda’ah and acknowledge in themselves no shadow of doubt concern it.” The Imperial Jedian Scroll – Book 13:8-11

    “Permissible for you are all the spoils of war, which your Noble lord yoda gives in abundance. Truly he is a wise and knowing master – giving victory to the believers of jeda’ah, and rejoicing to millions – and millions of millions – from kashyyyk of the wookie to the farthest moon of tatooine.” The Imperial Jedian Scroll – Book 108:1-2

  4. Padawuni - the seal of all sabers says:

    Proof that Muhammad was a Jedi and that I, Padawuni, am foretold in your books.

    “For we sent before you other Jedi – each in his own turn, each with revelation forthwith. And we endowed them with Force in all intrigues of both war and wisdom. Did we not send Muhammad, oh padawan, who received a saber fit for Arabia? And Moses, oh warrior – with a saber as unto Egypt? And with it did Moses not feed the 5,000 with two loaves of bread, and smite the lion with the jawbone? Did not they both, (along with) Messengers by the multitudes, foretell the coming of Padawuni (may the Force be with him) : who bears the saber of his father, Skywalker son of Skywalker – the seal of all sabers. Those who fear Yoda would do well to count themselves among him – in so doing shall their names be engraved in light betwixt the names of Obi, son of Wan, and Leah, daughter of Anakin the Skywalker. Search your own Scriptures and bear witness that Padawuni (may the Force be with him) has come.” The Imperial Jedian Scroll – Book 11

  5. rector2012 says:

    Assalamu Alaykum and a Happy Christmas

  6. Sam:

    All because, in badmannas words:

    ‘This means that Muslims can no longer support Williams or recommend his site to others….’

    Ah, these Christian friends of mine will try all their best to undermine the popularity of my blog

    Happy New Year!


    Jesus never claimed to be God. Misguided Christians who worship him contradict Jesus’ clear teaching about monotheism. Repent of your polyteism before the Day of Judgement!

  7. Sam Shamoun says:

    Tony, this is coming from a guy who believes that Jesus spoke as an infant and who wasn’t killed by crucifixion, something NO CREDIBLE HISTORIAN accepts, on the basis of a stone worshiping murdering bandit who, at the age of 54, had sex with a 9 year old minor who came 600 years later and never meant ANY OF THE EYEWITNESSES TO JESUS’ LIFE!

    Yep, Williams has convinced me he is an honest seeker of truth.

  8. George Bilios says:

    yep..i left islam because i saw it for what it is..the god of the qur’an never revealed himself..i found the god of the bible is relational – he revealed himself to us..god of the bible reconciled his love his mercy through his begotten son Yeshua. muslims pray five times a day (SO WHAT!)..muslim prayers are recited over and over.

  9. rector2012 says:

    I think Paul is a thoughtful serious academic! Whatever truth is being revealed to him I am sure will be authentic!

  10. Radical Moderate says:

    Paul Williams thinks that we want to undermine the popularity of his blog. When the funny fact is as Joshua Evans points out, it is Muslims like him who are the real enemy of Islam.
    Muslims like Paul Williams want “A Diluted Ummah that they can do with as they please while those so called moerate clap for them and kiss their hands.”

    So I say keep up the good work Paul Williams you are our greatest asset.

  11. Slave of Yoda says:

    It is true. Muhammad was a Jedi and not a muslim (see above revelation from Padawuni – seal of the sabers). Padawuni (may the force be with him) said so…how do we know he’s telling the truth? Because Yoda revealed it to him. How do we know Yoda revelaed it to Padawuni (may the force be with him), because it’s true! How do we know it’s true? Because Yoda revealed it to him! How do we know Yoda revealed this to Padawuni (may the force be with him)? Because it’s true. How doe we know………because…….

  12. Can Muslims wish their Christian friends a “Happy Christmas”?

    Dr Shabir Ally answers the question at 11.00.

    And a Happy New Year to you all!

  13. madmanna says:

    A Happy New Year to you Paul.

  14. thank you! At least one person here has some manners :)

  15. my latest post:

    The Bethlehem Unwrapped Festival. A wonderful celebration of Christmas at one of London’s premier churches

  16. Sam Shamoun says:

    All I can say to the heretic Paul Williams is WOW! I really must have ruffled your feathers since your post proves that you must have been really troubled by my blog article exposing you for placing yourself outside of the fold of Islam. This explains why you sought to find support for your “blasphemy” and “sin,” lest your Muslim brothers condemn you to hell.

    However, you chose the wrong person to aid you in your “sin” against Allah and his “messenger,” a “crime” which the CONSENSUS of Islamic scholarship claim makes you an apostate. It is common knowledge that Ally’s views are not at all orthodox but, in some instances, quite heterodox, such as his view of Allah’s knowledge, Jesus swooning on the cross (the swoon or apparent death theory) etc.

    So I am sorry to burst your bubble your appeal to Allay’s novel and unorthodox views will not save you from committing a “sin” that makes yourself worse than a fornicator, a murderer and an alcoholic. But keep trying to find a way to get yourself out of the mess that you made for yourself. ;-)

    BTW, Naik already refuted Allay’s justification behind congratulating us on the human birth of your God and Muhammad’s judge, the glorious Lord Jesus Christ. So instead of running to Muslims who espouse heterodox and novel interpretations, why not actually cite scholars that are more mainstream and much in line with traditional Islamic teaching. Now we all know the answer to the reason why you won’t and don’t! ;-)

    And this again exposes your blatant hypocrisy. You’re all about quoting mainstream biblical scholarship when it comes to our faith, and yet when it comes you your false, satanic views you conveniently abandon this position and embrace novel opinions as if they were mainstream.

    And since the videos I presented weren’t enough for you here is another for good measure:

    It really must stink being you right now.

  17. Sam Shamoun says:

    BTW, please do excuse my typos such as Allay, which should have been Ally. But you still get the point.

  18. …and a Happy New Year to you too Sam!

  19. Sam did you see my latest post?

    The Bethlehem Unwrapped Festival. A wonderful celebration of Christmas at one of London’s premier churches

  20. Bruce Ramsey says:

    Muslims accuse me of cherry picking the Quran and Hadith. Yet, they do that all the time with Islam.

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